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Group Leaders

I’ve been interviewing people who use groups to accomplish ministry.   I asked the clients to dream, tell me what you need for ministry.   I love these conversations because, although we talk specifics, it also gives me a look into their ministries.  One of the most interesting things about my position is exploring how churches are spreading God’s word.   There are times I walk away SO excited about your ministries.    One thing I heard was simplicity is key. “Give me what I need and make it simple.”
Group Leaders really have a huge responsibility and I want to give you what you need to accomplish your ministry.   Here’ s some observations about groups leaders from our conversations
•    The church expects A LOT from the group leader
•    The group leader is responsible for the spiritual growth of the people in their groups
•    The church wants to protect the group leaders
•    The group leader is the manager of that group and needs tools to mange
•    Administration is part of the job  – leading, organizing, delegating, assessing, and reporting
•    Interfaces should be simple and direct.  Give leaders what they need…DON’T overwhelm with information.
•    The simpler it is to access and use the more the group leader is inclined to use.
WOW….if you know a group leader, stop reading right now….go buy them a present or least send an email to say THANK YOU for all they do.  Most group leaders do all of this while managing a family and full time job.
A big thank you for all the interviews.    This helps us SO much as we build software.  I would be happy to talk to you about how your church accomplishes ministry.

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