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How Can we Celebrate?


2020 was difficult for most and a time many are glad to leave in the past; however, we as a church need to celebrate the good things that happened in 2020. Oftentimes we tend to “promote, promote, promote” and then forget to celebrate what came from all of those promotions. In 2020, there may not have been many things to promote, but God still moved, He still worked, and people still came to know Him! That is worth sharing continuously! 

So, what are some ways we can celebrate things that happened in 2020 and as we move forward in 2021? Here’s a few: 

  1. Social Media: use stories and posts to celebrate using pictures and videos.
  1. Website: almost everything you post on your social media can be posted on your website (and vice versa). 
  1. Worship Services: celebrate live from the stage during your worship services or dedicate a certain portion of your service specifically to celebrations via video. 
  1. Announcements: whether you still print announcement sheets or have an online bulletin — include the celebrations and let everyone see the good things 2020 brought. 
  1. Pics and Videos: whether you’re using these for social media, inside your worship services, or both — pictures and videos are a great visual. 
  1. Emails: churchwide emails are almost a weekly routine for many churches during this time so why not include celebrations in your emails?

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