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Blog » How Do We Know Who To Help?

How Do We Know Who To Help?

How Do We Know Who To Help?

We want to best serve our community with knowledge and hands-on help. Community outreach ideas for churches during times of an economic downturn include physical resources, connections, education, and counseling. But how do we know who to help? Glad you asked. 

MissionInsite is a powerful analytics tool for churches that will be vital in our strategy to reach our community. How Your Church Can Best Serve Your Community During An Economic Downturn highlights the following four church technology features to help identify and serve those most impacted in your community:

Opportunity Scans

One of the quickest ways of finding a target group is by using the opportunity scan feature within MissionInsite, which allows you to filter geographies for areas of the highest populations of the people you are trying to reach. 


Mosaics were created by the credit agencies as a way to categorize people into 1 of 71 different groups.  Every household in the US falls into one of these groups.  You can uncover the top mosaics in your community through MissionInsite. It will tell you more about the people you want to reach.

  • You will discover each mosaic is prone to have different needs when it comes to outreach based on their circumstances.  
  • You can use the information about each mosaic to determine the unique needs of your community. And what your congregation’s outreach preferences/gifts.

Running both the MinistryInsite and ReligiousInsite reports will give you key data from the American Beliefs Study that will help you uncover the religious beliefs of your community as a whole and the ministry and program preferences they may have as well.


For an even more targeted approach, you can use the specific communication and messaging preferences listed for each mosaic type you are trying to reach. This is a powerful church communication strategy

We want to build deeper connections with those around us. The economic downturn brings so many needs to the forefront. Our desire to fully serve those in need could be overwhelming and leave us not knowing where to start or how to best implement a plan. MissionInsite is a cloud-based technology platform that bridges the gap between data and actionable information. It answers the “where” and “what about” questions in your organization and community. What if you could cross-analyze your organization and community, access household demographic information, learn about future population and household projections, and target address lists? That lays the groundwork for knowing your people and their locations. And discovering what matters most so, you can help the most. To God be the glory!

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How Your Church Can Best Serve Your Community During An Economic Downturn

How Your Church Can Best Serve Your Community During An Economic Downturn

In this guide, we define inflation, bear markets, and recessions. Who do they impact, and what can churches do to best serve those impacted most? 

We also look at unique ways to utilize MissionInsite to find and reach those in the community around your church who are impacted most during economic downturns.

David joined ACS Technologies in September of 2021 as the Financial Planning and Analysis Director. He has over 15 years of experience in finance and equity research, financial planning, corporate development, and strategy to drive growth and efficiency. He previously worked for HighRadius, Bristow Group, Clarksons, and CGGVeritas. David enjoys time with his family and participates in various roles at his church.

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