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Journey Church Automates Missions Management

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The mission of Journey Church in Huntersville, NC, is “We exist to humbly point EVERYONE to Absolute HOPE.” To facilitate that mission, Journey Church sends teams several times a year to different places across the world. This year, they have already been to Honduras in July and Peru in August and have another trip coming up this fall. 

The Community and Connections Pastor at Journey Church, Mike Sellers, is the coordinator of these trips. Mike has been in his position for over a year and loves every minute. This is his first time in full-time ministry, and he says it has been the best year of his life. 

In years past, Journey Church used PDFs and emails for applications, and the staff used Microsoft Excel, Planning Center Online, and manual paperwork to track who was going on trips, permission slips, what each participant had raised towards their trips, and what donors had paid toward trips. The trip planning process was very tedious, requiring entering duplicate information into multiple systems. 

Mike identified that they needed to streamline the process and began researching options to do everything they needed, including integrating with Planning Center Online. That is when he found Go Method from ACS Technologies. 

“Go Method gave us the opportunity to have one-stop shopping.”
Mike Sellers, Community and Connections Pastor, Journey Church

One of Mike’s favorite things about Go Method is the transparency of information for everyone involved. Trip participants also love the visibility in Go Method because they see where they are in fundraising, the balance on their registration totals, and anything else they would like to see at a glance instead of calling the church staff for this information. Trip leaders can see everyone on their team to keep an eye on who is registered and where they stand with financial goals. 

The seamless integration between Go Method and Stripe and Planning Center Online is also a bonus, and  Go Method staff made the integration setup extremely easy. 

“The integration with Planning Center Online went without a hitch, and they made it so the way it pulls from Planning Center to draw the information in, we don’t have to redo if somebody goes on your SharePoint; it just makes it easier.”
– Mike Sellers, Community and Connections Pastor, Journey Church

Another feature Journey Church uses often is automatic reminders. They set up reminders to be sent on specific days and times, eliminating having to remember to send them.  Automated reminders and how user-friendly Go Method is were two of the biggest reasons Mike chose to go with Go Method over other products. He wanted something his members could quickly adopt, and that transition has also been smooth. 

With Go Method from ACS Technologies, mission trip coordination is easier than ever. With seamless integrations and automation, the focus can be more on the ministry and less on the paperwork.

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