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Keeping Your Church & Congregation Updated with Realm

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We’ve all heard it a million times…communication is key! And now, when things are changing on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever for you, as the Church, to be able to quickly and easily communicate changes to your church family. Realm can help you do just that!

Email Your Congregation

If you are a pastor, you know that your members seek guidance and peace from you as their spiritual leader. Take this time to email your congregation to let them know of the major changes with services and activities within your church. In Realm, your entire membership (including anyone in your system) can be found in what we call a system group that is named for your church. Write an informative message straight from you to your congregation and email it to that group. Even those without Realm logins will receive the email as long as they have an email address in Realm. 

Be sure to include a link back to Realm in your email and ask those who may not have a Realm account to create a login so they can stay connected during this time and in the future. This would also be a wonderful time to remind those with Realm logins that they can go in and update their profiles to ensure their contact information is correct so they can continue receiving updates.

Post Updates Often

Realm’s Newsfeed is a great way for you to post quick updates to your congregation or to a specific group. Remind your group leaders that they can post event cancellations, updates to any group news, and things such as devotions or prayer requests to their group’s newsfeed. You can also post to the entire church’s newsfeed if it is something that is important for the whole church family to know.

Communicate while Working Outside the Church

Like many, you as the church staff may be working from home. With Realm being 100% web-based, this means you can communicate effectively no matter where you are working. You can send emails and post to your newsfeed online from your computer, or through the browser or Connect app on your mobile device. 

While there are many questions surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and today’s world, Realm allows you to remove questions your members may have about your church during this time and instead communicate efficiently to keep them informed and connected. 

“In the middle of a global pandemic trying to minister over the internet, we cannot say thank you enough for Realm. We’ve changed so much on the fly in the last week; we’re streaming services and keeping the congregation informed all through Realm. It has been awesome to have Realm when we had to move to virtual church quickly.” 

– Melissa Jensen, Digital Integration Manager

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