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Leading an Effective Bible Study

The Bible is unlike any book ever written.  It is not just the words or opinions of men.   It is God speaking to mankind directly through his followers, which gives it ultimate authority in our lives.
Without the Bible, we have little chance to grow spiritually.  We need the Bible probably more than we even realize, because of the effect it has on our lives through our decision making each day.  People study a lot of good resources in reference to the Bible, but there is no substitute for reading straight from God’s word.

The common thread that bonds Christ’s followers is Jesus and our belief in the truth of the Bible.  There are many religious belief systems in our world based on books written by others that lead people astray, which makes it crucial to have the right tools when studying.  When studying the Bible efficiently, it opens up conversations with others that lead to stronger connections, leadership and much more.

Here are three areas that you should focus in your group studies of the Bible:


  • Do your homework and share with your small group online some thought provoking questions on the sections of the Bible you will be discussing
  • Post them in your online space and let them reflect before meeting in person. This should help your group members in preparation for your study.


  • Silence is key here. The reflection and thinking each member will do as you ask questions gets their juices are flowing.
  • You as the leader should only be talking 25 to 30 percent of the time. This also allows the Holy Spirit to do His job in communicating conviction, action, etc. to each group member.


  • Keep the conversation going after your group time ends. God’s work in someone’s life in a particular area is not over when you say the final prayer and go home.
  • Open the discussion online so your members can continue learning and understanding the word of God.

Worship of God is a daily experience.  Most of your member’s learning should come outside of time spent in group Bible study at the church.

That’s why it is so important to give them an outlet to keep the conversations going as thoughts pop up.  These three things will help you and your group as you grow spiritually, which should help you in reaching more people for Christ.  As a church leader, that should motivate you to really pour into your group and keep them excited about studying the Bible.  The results are eternal and your investment in God’s Word never stops yielding spiritual benefits to you and your small group.

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