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Livestream from Home

Who is Generation X and How to Reach Them

Offering more online content was one of the results of COVID-19, but online services were only the beginning. Online Bible studies, worship nights, and youth group meetings have become more common. Virtual and digital experiences have become easier for church staff members to produce and are getting higher in quality as the months go by.

If your church is ready to take the next step, why not try something new? Livestream from the pastor’s house. Introduce the congregation to his family members in a relaxed setting. Use this time to build connection. Consider the following as you plan and prepare:

Share a glimpse of home life: Every week on the church’s platform, parishioners may see a polished, put-together view of their pastor. Maybe his wife is sitting in the front row also in her Sunday best. Children? They might be sitting quietly nearby or serving faithfully in the children’s ministry. They may appear to live an idyllic life. The reality? They live normal lives with normal responsibilities. A livestream event from the pastor’s home provides churchgoers a more relaxed time with the pastor and his family.

Get to know the family members: Many times, members of the pastor’s family remain behind the scenes despite the fact that the people of the church want to get to know them. A livestream from the pastor’s home offers parishioners the chance to get to know the family a little better. Film short interviews with each family member — capture their personalities and details about their lives that people would find interesting. Learning about their backgrounds and interests will help them be more accessible and personable. This will help build connection.

Create relatability: Arranging a livestream event with the pastor’s family from their home will help church members relate to the pastor and his family. Seeing the pastor and his family interact with one another will show parishioners that the pastor, his wife, and kids are just like them. They have good days and bad days. They wear “normal” clothes. Their house gets messy and they struggle from time to time. They experience joy and sorrow. Being relatable is important and a livestream during these isolating times can help create this quickly and effectively.

Build trust by being transparent and authentic: One of the keys to being an effective leader of a church is building trust with the people we lead. A livestream from the pastor’s house with his family provides an opportunity for an unscripted and unedited time interacting together.

Hold a live Q&A: Holding a live question and answer session with the pastor and his family members offers parishioners a chance to ask questions and learn more about them. This can help build connection and relationship. Take questions via a live chat option or text messages. Be open! Be honest! The benefits will be worth the effort. 

While it may seem like a radical idea, a livestream from the pastor’s home is a creative and innovative way that can open doors and communication within your church.

Growing Your Church Through Streaming

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