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Ministry Impact Story: Covenant Love Church, Fayetteville, NC

A Church Family Stays Connected at Home and Around the World.

The Background.
Covenant Love Church in Fayetteville, NC is a megachurch that doesn’t act like a megachurch. Kristin Brice, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Pastor explains, “We have a large church body, but we’re family oriented. We’re blessed that the church itself is one huge family.”

However, staying connected with such a large family can be a challenge.

Executive Pastor Bryan Carle says, “It’s difficult to have a large church where you keep connectivity alive. A lot of times if people have something about a large church that bothers them, it’s that they don’t feel connected like they do in smaller family-type churches. And we don’t want to lose that family feel even though we’re a large church.”

In addition, Covenant Love Church has many military members in their congregation because Fayetteville is home to Fort Bragg, one of the largest military installations in the country. This creates an additional challenge for members to connect with each other. Pastor Carle says, “We have a very short window, because of their deployments, where we can actually interact with them here locally. And many times they’re on deployment in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Korea, and their family is still here with us.”

Keeping the connection alive.

Because Covenant Love is made up of many military members, staying connected with them can be a challenge. But, with The City, church members and staff can see updates from military members. In turn, the military members can keep in touch and stay connected with the ministry. And they know that while they are on deployment, their families have a support system at Covenant Love.

Pastor Carle says, “Military members can log in from around the world, stay connected, and still participate in their groups. They still feel very much a part of what’s going on here, and we feel a part of what’s going on with them because we get updates, which we can share with one another through The City. Also, our senior leaders can keep track of them and make sure they’re covered in prayer.”

Whenever you have time.
People at home deal with the challenge of connecting with others too. People are busy and it can sometimes be hard to find fellowship. Stephanie Carrol is one member who dealt with this. She says, ” You only see people when you’re at church. I’m part of the worship ministry, but after choir is over, people are doing their own things. There’s so much going on there’s no time to sit down and talk to someone.”

Now, The City has has not only allowed Stephanie to find fellowship, but also to minister to others. She says, ” In The City, if I see someone dealing with something I’ve dealt with, I can help and encourage them. Being on The City has helped me grow in interacting with people. The inspiration I get from my church family on The City is such a blessing!”

Looking Ahead.
The staff and church members at Covenant Love are looking forward to watching their ministry grow. Kristin says, “We’re looking forward to the exciting things to come! It’s so important for our church family to stay connected, and The City allows us to do that whether it’s a member at home or overseas. We believe the Lord is going to use this technology to do wonderful things in our ministry, and in the ministry of other churches.”

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