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This weekend, I heard myself utter the phrase to my husband, “How did I live without my Blackberry?”  It’s one of those life changes that defines my life – life before and after my phone.  It is amazing how the cell phone has changed.  I remember back to the days of the big block phone that I kept in my call for emergencies.  I often hear and think of this as the “Zack Morris Phone”.  If you or your child ever watched “Saved By the Bell”, you know what I am talking about!  (Zack even made history as being the first television character to carry a cell phone.)  Now, it is very rare that I don’t have my cell phone within arms reach.  It is my main mode of communication.  I am used to the immediate access of data from the phone.
I am used to having everything at my fingertips through my phone.  If I need immediate communication to someone, I am most likely going to send them a text message.  When running late for meeting a friend, contacting a coworker for information during a meeting, or sending updates to family when traveling, it is an easy way to get the information out quickly.  I love it when I get a text message from a friend about whether they are having a boy or a girl!
If it is an easy way to get communication to the recipients – at their fingertips and quickly, shouldn’t churches and organizations be doing this as well?  Absolutely! ACS Technologies is partnering with MobileCause to bring you further mobile communication possibilities.  They provide Text2Screen, Text2Broadcast, and Text2Give functionality.  We are excited to work with them and the possibilities that this parntership brings to the table for our clients.  If you want to learn more about what MobileCause offers, check out or contact them at
Sally with MobileCause at this year’s ACS National Convention.

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