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Blog » Ministry Impact Story – New Hope Baptist Church, Hermitage, TN

Ministry Impact Story – New Hope Baptist Church, Hermitage, TN

new hope baptist church

New Hope Baptist Church in Hermitage, TN is often referred to as “The church on the corner” and for very good reason. The church started with about 30 people back in 1846. As the area grew, so did the church. New Hope has become a cornerstone of the community because of their mission to go into the world to share the good news.

Rebecca Christenson, Office Administrator, says, “We can’t go and tell people about Christ if we don’t first show them love by inviting them onto our campus and feeding them if they’re hungry, welcoming their family, doing the things that need to be done.” New Hope puts their beliefs into action through their many community outreach programs and combined efforts with local organizations.

The church works with a refugee organization to make sure refugees have the basic necessities to start a new life. They help with home furnishings, clothes, and even make sure the children are ready for school with backpacks and school supplies. And New Hope’s youth group helps out by taking time to play games with refugee children.

New Hope also makes frequent donations to a local thrift store and in return the church gets credit for the items. When a family in need comes to New Hope looking for help, the church is able to use the thrift store credits to help the family. Another community outreach project is New Hope Pantry, which the church opens every Wednesday night. Community members are welcome to stop by to get grocery items, grab something to drink, and pray with church members. Rebecca says, “We try to develop relationships with these people so we can share the gospel with them.”

New Hope members stay busy spreading the love of Christ in their community. With all these different outreach programs and needs, Rebecca is glad she can rely on Realm to make sure all the different ministry areas are running smoothly. Before Realm, Rebecca says they didn’t have a good way to keep up with small groups. Now, Realm makes it easier for groups to stay connected and up to date on what’s happening during the week.

Rebecca uses Insights within Realm for their Touch Ministry. Insights is a feature that allows her to quickly view giving, attendance, and other data.  She sends this ministry team a list of people who have consecutive absences, so the group can reach out and make sure everything is okay. The team also uses Insights to reach out to visitors to make sure they feel welcome and answer any questions they may have.

As more staff and church members use Realm, Rebecca says it makes her job easier. Class leaders take ownership of marking attendance on their smartphones right in the classroom. Members can look up contact information and update their own profiles. With others doing their part in Realm, it frees up some of Rebecca’s time so she can focus on ministry. She says, “Realm is an amazing tool and the ease of use is incredible.”

New Hope has been using Realm for just over a year. Rebecca is excited about the future of her church and the part Realm will play in that future – a future that will no doubt involve spreading Christ’s love to their community and beyond.

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