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Open Your Church Doors Without Safety Concerns

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As you step into this next season within the church, a season of new beginnings and refreshed relationships, we know you are excited and anxious to take the next steps in opening your doors. But are you prepared?

Many safety measures are being taken related to health right now. We want to make sure you don’t forget about other vulnerable areas of your church, such as caring for your members’ sensitive information and for children and youth in your church.

Caring for those in your church family starts with putting them in safe hands and background checks are the first step in doing so.

Here are a few ways to protect your church as a whole using background checks.

Don’t count on your personal relationships.

Consider how many people have access to your church and member information. Your church secretary, pastor, financial administrator, and communications director see your church information often. 

Are you willing to be held responsible for their ability to keep that information secure? By completing background checks on your staff members, whether they are new to your team or their old background check is expired, you ensure you are staffing your church with the right people. 

And yes, we know you trust Karen’s daughter who has been a third-generation member of your church since she was 2. However, screening those you know personally is important when putting processes in place to keep your church safe.

Protecting children goes beyond hand sanitizer.

For the past few months, parents have been at home with their children most of their days. While parents may be ready for a break, their guards are going to be extra high when leaving their children in someone else’s hands. 

Go the extra (but completely necessary) mile by running background checks on your children’s ministry volunteers. Parents appreciate knowing that not only are you taking the health and cleaning precautions to protect their children, but you are also taking the right steps to provide safety and security while their children are in your church.

We want you to be covered when it comes to safety. 

Plus, check out our Background Check Discount Offer to take up to 18% OFF every background check you do now through the end of August.

Download this Protect Your Church Checklist to make sure you don’t forget anyone in your church who needs screening.

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