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Blog » Pastoral Care On The Go: Introducing The New Growth Method App

Pastoral Care On The Go: Introducing The New Growth Method App

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Providing pastoral care to your flock is a big job.  Each member and visitor has different needs, and knowing who needs what and when is a juggling act. But being there for your congregants or parishioners in their time of need is integral to them feeling supported and drawing them closer to your church and the Lord. 

Another intricacy of pastoral care is that you’re typically not at the office, so planning out your day can be challenging. You need to have information available wherever you are to visit an ailing member in the hospital, call a new visitor,  or send an email inviting a new member to a small group, but what if some of the outreach could be automated and you also knew what you needed to do each day?  It’s possible with the new app for Growth Method.

Growth Method by ACS Technologies facilitates engagement by allowing you to gather information about visitors and members, build follow-up tracks, and send automated communications or schedule tasks, such as phone calls or visits,  to continue and deepen engagement.  The app is an extension of Growth Method and is included with a Growth Method subscription. 

Let’s dive deeper. 


View all tracks you own. 

Track Information 

Drill down into each track to view an overview of actions, where each person is, and the steps within the track. 


Send and receive texts and phone calls and view a history of communications. 

Pastoral care is a key a ministry in churches of every size and denomination. Make pastoral care on the go more manageable with the new Growth app.  To learn more about Growth Method, click here.  If you already own Growth Method, you can find the new app in the Apple app store or Google Play store

ACS Technologies

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In the ever-evolving landscape of church engagement and management, ACS Technologies rises above the rest. Our comprehensive church solutions, bespoke digital offerings, streamlined communication tools, comprehensive ministry consulting, and training make us the trusted choice for over fifty thousand churches. Experience the ACS Technologies advantage and elevate your church’s online presence, connectivity, and generosity today. Join us in redefining church technology for the digital age, where your ministry’s success becomes our shared mission.

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