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Blog » Pompey Community Church is implementing Realm for Online Directory and Volunteer Tracking

Pompey Community Church is implementing Realm for Online Directory and Volunteer Tracking

When COVID-19 triggered staffing changes at Pompey Community Church in Pompey, NY, the church office had difficulty filling a vacancy. Eunice Tompkins stepped up as a volunteer to help fill the role. The vacancy led to Realm being neglected, so she simply told them she wanted to take it over. 

“I’ve used Realm in many ways and been involved in several ministries. I’m the Volunteer Coordinator for one, and I find Realm very useful. So I wanted to just bring as much of the data up to date as possible.”

– Eunice Tompkins, Volunteer, Pompey Community Church

One thing that she is enthusiastic about is the growth she is seeing. They have a growing children’s area and an active young married group. It is bringing more people in all the time, and exciting things are happening with the recent addition of their new pastor. One of her favorite ministries they have going is Stephen Ministries. She and her best friend are Co-Leaders of their chapter of Stephen Ministries, and they are in the middle of intense training for it now. You can train as a caregiver or a minister; both positions allow them to work one-on-one in Christ-centered confidential care. They aren’t therapists but caregivers who focus on listening and being there. It is a growing team, and the number of people they are helping is also growing. She looks forward to having all of that in Realm as it continues to reach more people and grow daily

As Eunice goes through the database, she is learning which areas she knows well and which she needs to learn more about to implement them. She frequently uses help files and the ACS Technologies support team. She knows if she can’t figure it out, support will be able to tell her how to accomplish what she needs.  

She is currently focusing on how to get more people to adopt the Realm Online Directory. They have around 130 regular attendees and about 200 members. Only a fraction of those members have created logins for Realm. She wants people to be more comfortable with using the directory online. She says having printed directories no longer makes sense because things constantly change. 

“We’re a smaller church but a growing church. The staffing is being adjusted to mirror where we are now and where we will grow. There’s no doubt about that. So we’re kind of in transition right now.”

– Eunice Tompkins, Volunteer, Pompey Community Church

She will soon be implementing the Volunteer areas of Realm. She trained in the Volunteers section just before the pandemic, but with COVID-19 shutting everything down, that got put on the back burner. She says she is prioritizing that because eventually, she will step aside, and someone else will take it over. She wants everything set up and ready to go when that happens.

Eunice says she spends the majority of her time in the Profiles area. Her main goal is to identify inactive members or members who have passed away. She wants the data to be as accurate as possible. Accurate information is essential because the reporting is only as good as the information it pulls from, especially when they need lists of specific groups or nursery volunteers for communication or prepare to run background checks. 

“I love queries because you can narrow the scope of information and get exactly what you need. It’s one of my favorite things about Realm.”

– Eunice Tompkins, Volunteer, Pompey Community Church

While Realm is only partially set up for them as it stands right now, Eunice is excited about the possibilities and all the things that it can do. The future of Pompey Community Church is bright, and the possibilities are endless. 

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Stacey Smith 

Stacey joined the ACST team in 1998 in the support department and joined the marketing team in 2021 as an Associate Marketing Coordinator. Today she runs the ACST Ministry Champions program, which involves all references, reviews, and testimonials for all of our products and services. When she isn’t at work, she is spending time with her husband, two teenage daughters and furbaby Copper.

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