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Preparing for a Fall Festival

Fall is a great time of the year to build momentum in your church after a summer of vacations. School has started back and most families are settling back in to a normal schedule. As the weather begins to change, one of the great traditions around the Halloween season is a fall festival. Families are always looking for something fun and safe to take their children to during this season. It’s not to late to begin planning for this event now, which can help your church attract new people in your community. This setting is perfect for connecting with unchurched families, as it is more of a fair atmosphere than that of a church service. Here are a few ideas to help jump start your planning:

1) Assemble your children’s ministry volunteers and plan the date. This might mean cancelling normal activities on a Sunday or Wednesday night in October.
2) Figure out your budget and begin planning the event with food, games, and entertainment options. Obviously, free is better if you want a bigger crowd.
3) Get a lot of volunteers in place ahead of time to run the games and concessions. Utilizing your student ministry is a great idea to run the kids’ games.
4) Adding a “Trunk or Treat” is a great idea to mix up what may be going on inside and having something else for children to do outside.
5) Advertise the event in your church and to your community. Build some buzz and excitement that all are welcome.
6) Consider having a registration area for all to come through when arriving to gather some simple information for connecting later with families that are not in your church.
7) Prizes and candy are a must-have.  Children will have a great time playing games and receiving candy.

Many families will be open to attending your fall festival as an alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating outing on Halloween night. So not only can this night be an opportunity for your church to give back, it also has the potential to really showcase your church to the community. Proper planning and preparation now will make you feel a lot better come October. Happy planning!


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