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RDC – The Rest of the Story…

Do you remember Paul Harvey?  I can still close my eyes and think of driving in the car with my Dad listening to him on the radio.  He would tell a story but give some extra additional information behind the story that you might not have known.  Of course, his presentation was eloquently and brilliantly done as well.
Christianity Today recently released an article on Remote Deposit Capture.  It is a great article which I would like to share with our community:  It lists out many of the benefits of being able to scan your checks and deposit them at the bank from your church or office.  They mention some of the banks that have recently started offering this service to churches.  I want to make sure to clear up this misconception.  It isn’t just the banks that can do this for you – ACS Technologies offers this as well!  Yes, we have teamed up with a 3rd Party Processor to assist with the process.  The actual application lives within our software, though.  The extra advantage there is you get the depositing feature to the bank while the same time get the integration of the data in the ACS software.  The contribution data is tied to the actual contributor in the database for easy posting.
ACS Technologies and RDC – Now you know “the rest of the story“…

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