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Blog » Reaffirmations Friday – February 5

Reaffirmations Friday – February 5

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time during your day to keep up with what’s being written or discussed around key ministry topics like developing discipleship, increasing participation or building stronger church community.

But, that’s OK! Because every week, we’ll round up of some of the most helpful and inspirational news and articles published on the web and give them to you here, in one centralized place as part of our “Reaffirmations Friday.”

Here are the top ministry blogs and articles this week detailing anything you may have missed.

Churches’ Most Active Members Want e-Giving the Most
Churches want to offer their members the ways to give that will best support their mission. That is why we want to provide them with data that will help them understand how their members feel about different methods of giving… Written by Kevin Lee

Church Communication for the Snowed in
In this age of connected devices and services, I’d like to encourage pastors and their communities to do more than just call off Sunday services. I’d like to welcome them to take the opportunity to check in with their communities and use the weather as an excuse, if you will, to re-connect personally… Written by Antoine R. J. Wright

Backtalk: The Necessity of Rest
It feels odd to admit in an article published by Church Production Magazine that for this holiday season I said “No” to participating in my church’s Christmas production. In some ways I felt like I was being a traitor… Written by John Spicer

The Bible is Alive and Active
Western society used to be basically divided between people who (1) respected the Bible as “the truth” but didn’t follow it, (2) believed and followed it devotedly, or (3) rejected it as simply a book of legends and myths. Things are changing… Written by Timothy Keller

5 Online Churches to Watch
Other than just doing Online Church, the best way that I learn is not reading a book or article, but actually watching other Online Churches in action… Written by Nils Smith

3 Social Media Mistakes Churches Make
When Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations” his followers listened. And, we’ve been in the business of making disciples ever since. But in recent years social media has changed the playing field. The word “go” and the phrase “all nations” are no longer restricted to physical travel and national borders… Written by Derek Ouellette

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