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Rebuilt Applying Technology To Enable Ministry

Rebuilt Applying Technology To Enable Ministry

You can tell the difference when you visit a parish that has been guided through the Rebuilt Parish process. From the moment you arrive you are welcomed and offered the opportunity to be part of the community even if you are not formally registered. The parish staff and a number of volunteers serving in hospitality ministry are there. All are focused on welcoming you, your experience at Mass and supporting ways you can grow deeper in your Catholic faith. 

Rebuilt Parish was established through the Church of The Nativity in Timonium, MD and has developed into a ministry serving parishes nationally and internationally. Rebuilt leaders engage with parish staff to apply the principles learned and honed through their experience at Church of the Nativity. The coaching process and the library of content are designed to guide parishes through building a culture of strong leadership and missionary discipleship. 

“We’re here to make disciples and we’re here to help other churches make disciples.”
– Stephanie Downes, Director of Client Development, Rebuilt Parish

The ministry is based on what Rebuilt has labeled Four Strategic Anchors, which are strategies the Rebuilt Parish leaders view as transferable to every parish regardless of size or style:

  1. Build a leadership community that reinforces your parish culture
  2. Grow wider as a community through hospitality and community engagement
  3. Grow deeper through providing resources and opportunities for parishioners to grow in their faith
  4. Create exceptional Mass and weekend experience that engages and inspires people.

As they work through these anchors, parishes assess and adjust processes to implement their priorities. And the parish staff create reports to know if their ministry is bearing fruit.

The Rebuilt team recognizes that the parish software becomes a factor that can enable and reinforce the new priorities and processes, or can inhibit the parish from incorporating the change in a meaningful way. Church of the Nativity has implemented MinistryPlatform (from ACS Technologies) with the integrated app PocketPlatform to provide the complete view of parishioners, new visitors, Mass attendance, ministries, and groups that inform the priority actions of the parish leadership team.

“We recognized the importance of considering technology along with planning,” says Stephanie Downes, Director of Client Development, “including ACS Technologies coaching with ours is a clear win for parishes.”  ACS Technologies is partnering with Rebuilt parish to align parish systems with the priorities that are developed through the guidance of Rebuilt Parish.  ACS Technologies coaches coordinate with Rebuilt Parish coaches during the implementation of MinistryPlatform so the parish has the system and reporting capabilities that support their ministry. 

Terry Poplava is a multi-disciplined executive with extensive sales, product marketing, strategy and leadership experience in supporting faith organizations. Terry’s professional experience includes organizational leadership, corporate development and growth, consulting with and training church leaders, and leading strategic and priority planning for churches and dioceses. He currently serves on the advisory board for the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche in St. Augustine FL, as cantor at St. Andrew parish in Myrtle Beach, SC. and recently as Chairman of the Finance Council at St. Mary the Virgin Mother parish in Hartsville, SC.

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