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Sharing Queries in Realm

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DID YOU KNOW you can share custom queries with another staff member without ever having to leave Realm®? It is literally one of the best features. Once you sign into Realm® and go to the “Reporting” tab, click on “Reports” to open more options and select “Custom Query.” Here’s the steps to save and share the custom query you create:

  1. Create your Custom Query. 
  2. Click “Save As” to save the query under the name you prefer (you can even add a brief description). 
  3. Click “My Saved Reports” on the left under the “Reporting” tab (all of your saved queries will be listed). 
  4. Select the ellipses or “3 dots” to the right of the query you wish to share. 
  5. Select “Share” and a box appears listing everyone with whom you can share the report.
  6. Check the boxes next to the people with whom you wish to share your report and click the blue “Share” button when you are finished. 

The people who now have access to your shared report will locate the report by going to the “Reporting” tab, clicking on “Reports” to open more options, and selecting “Shared with Me.”

This process is so easy and allows you both easy access to any report and solid communication with other staff members. Report sharing is a must for those working behind the scenes.

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