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Blog » Simple Steps to Manage Email and More | From #Impact12 Speaker Jack Paige

Simple Steps to Manage Email and More | From #Impact12 Speaker Jack Paige

The 2012 Ideas to Impact Conference is just around the corner! Today we’re bringing you a guest post from Ideas to Impact speaker Jack Paige, Senior Director of Information Systems and Technology at the Diocese of Orlando. He’s worked with churches and organizations on software applications since the early 1980s, and today he’s previewing what he’ll be sharing at the conference.
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Question 1: Is your domain name protected?
“HELP!  My website is gone and my email is not working!  Everyone is calling ME but I just started working here and don’t know anything about our website and email.”
This isn’t an imaginary situation – it happens. Websites and email can be down for a variety of reasons – some of those reasons are beyond our immediate control, but one cause that can certainly be prevented is the loss of your domain name. Don’t let this be you!
The fact is, losing an organization’s domain name can be devastating to your operation — and it happens more often than we think. For many organizations, your domain controls almost everything your organization does with the internet. If it’s lost, so is your internet identity. There are some simple things that you can do to make sure this does not happen to you – which, of course, I’ll cover in full in my class, Domain Name and Email Management, at the Ideas to Impact Conference.
Question 2: Are you hoarding email?
Be honest, how many emails do you have in your inbox?  10, 20, 100? 1000?  Have you ever found yourself searching back through your inbox to find a particular email, only to find 3 others that needed attention? Before you know it, you’re off on other tangent and you’ve forgotten about the email that you were originally searching for. We can be better managers of email. All you need is to know the 3 basic categories that emails fall into and a few simple techniques that can improve your productivity dramatically. Get the tips – where else? – in my class, Domain Name and Email Management – at the Ideas to Impact Conference.
Question 3: Do you know what a litigation hold order is?
Anyone who uses email in a business environment should also be aware of what a litigation order is – because not following a litigation hold order properly could cost your organization thousands of dollars.  When a litigation hold is placed on your data, it is your responsibility to take the proper action to protect it. But in order to protect your data (including your email), you must know where it is, right?  The simple process of archiving can cause email to be at risk of being lost or accidentally deleted.
Question 4: Why should we waste all this time on how to handle email?
Email is going to be gone soon right? Isn’t it going to be replaced by social networking?
WRONG!  Business environments are a long way from depending on social networking – and even farther from replacing email. But that doesn’t mean social networking can be ignored. The fact is, social networking is beginning to dominate for personal communication, and it certainly is making inroads into our business environments. Like any major communication tool, a policy should be in place to govern how social networks can be used in your organization. The use of Facebook or other mediums without a policy in place can be asking for trouble.

Get the details of Jack’s helpful tips, plus TONS more useful information at the 2012 Ideas to Impact Conference, May 29-June 1 in Atlanta. Register now at

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