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Taking Church Online

Taking Church Online

While our entire country is impacted by COVID-19, we recognize that the church is uniquely positioned to serve and care for their congregants and communities through this time of extreme uncertainty. But how do we do that with shut-downs, bans, and “social distancing”?

Take church online!

Whether you already have an online presence or not, there will be some new challenges to face as you shift your gatherings, connections, and ministries to a digital space.

And that is why we partnered with Church IT Network to provide a series of webinars with resources to help you “Take Church Online.”

Services & Prayer

Strengthen and encourage your community by continuing to provide worship services and prayer gatherings in an online format.

Taking Church Online: Services & Prayer

Community Outreach & Care

Support and empower your community by engaging volunteers and connecting, coordinating, tracking, even providing care online.

Taking Church Online: Community Outreach & Care

Classes & Groups

Connect and build your community by continuing to provide classes and groups in an online format.

Taking Church Online: Classes & Groups

Giving & Financials

Steward and engage your community by providing ways to continue contributing and be an active part of your mission … that is now primarily online.

Taking Church Online: Giving & Financial


In this unprecedented season of COVID and “social distancing,” congress released a relief package called the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security). Learn from a panel of industry experts and experienced churches in the Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform communities as they spell out what the CARES Act is, and how it can help your church.

Taking Church Online: The CARES Act

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