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Thank You, Church Administrator!

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There are many roles within the church walls that are overworked and underappreciated, and one of those is the church or business administrator. They handle so many of the back-office functions that make our churches run, but most congregants are unaware of the tireless work they are doing behind the scenes.

God calls us to serve, and as your church grows, it’s easy for our pastors to get distracted from their primary calling, which is why administrative roles are so important. The administrator helps the church be strategic and focused while ensuring the church fulfills its role in ministering and serving. They are responsible for schedules, hiring, financial statements, and property management along with at least a hundred other endeavors.

They certainly have a huge amount of responsibility on their shoulders, yet few of us have ever heard them speak to the congregation. Some of us may not even know that the person in front of us in service every Sunday is the administrator for the church. So during Pastor Appreciation Month, take a moment and seek out your church’s administrator and say, “Thank you!” You may catch them off guard, but let them know that you appreciate all they are doing to help your church fulfill its ministry goals. I bet they give you a big smile in return!

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