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Blog » The Best Small Church Accounting Software

The Best Small Church Accounting Software

The Best Small Church Accounting Software

There’s nothing more significant in our lifetime than being part of a spiritual movement. Especially one that recalibrates and redefines the status quo of our culture! When this happens, the church can play a pivotal role in spreading the Gospel, making disciples, and influencing the different areas of society that will significantly impact the 21st century. Adopting tools and systems that will customize, energize and facilitate ministry in all church settings includes ensuring you have the best small-church accounting software. While it takes a lot of prayers and planning to fulfill the vision, it also requires money to fuel it.


Your small church bookkeeping duties center around documenting and controlling finances for your church, along with recording expenses, tracking contributions made by the congregation, and monitoring spending on various programs. A good, comprehensive small church financial software  should have:

  1. Multiple options for receiving and tracking donations
  2. Synchronization between receipts and member records
  3. Giving and accounting all on the same system
  4. The ability to designate specific funds and set up recurring giving plans
  5. Automated report generation and records management

Your needs

You can decrease the possibility of errors when you simplify and streamline your process with a comprehensive small church accounting software financial management system that:

  1. Merges giving and accounting into ONE system 
  2. Automatically records, manages, and tracks online contributions 
  3. Synchronizes receipts with member records
  4. Routes contributions into specific operational and ministry funds
  5. Sets up recurring giving plans that make the task of annual budgeting and planning more predictable

Receiving and tracking donations within your church bookkeeping software have undergone many changes with the advent of technology. Never before have there been more ways to engage in a financial transaction. People are increasingly willing to transact online, with a credit card, or using their mobile device via text or app. Nothing indicates that the plethora of options that exists is going to change anytime soon. Churches need giving and accounting solutions that provide as many options as possible for their members to give. Some good news: Studies show that integrating an eGiving, accounting, and communication platform within your ChMS increases engagement and elevates giving. 

One Place

Whether your congregants are giving by check, cash, text, mobile app, or website, all that information needs to flow into your small church bookkeeping software. There it can be recorded not only in donor-giving records but also in your accounting system. Keeping all your financial records in one place is a MUST. The benefits of taking a comprehensive approach to financial management are numerous. They include increases in giving, consistency, better budgeting, and the ability to empower your people to proper biblical stewardship. 

One Solution

Having one solution for all your church and ministry management needs also means your team saves time, so you can focus on building relationships with new people. Another benefit of an all-in-one system is that people know that the ministry to which they belong has well-thought software solutions in place that will help with all the ways they want to get involved. Just as the printing press, postal service, and loudspeakers transformed the ministry landscape to advance the Kingdom, so too does modern church finance software and technology. They expand our potential to reach more people, connect them to the Church, and live the life God has called them.

The Best Small Church Accounting Software

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Digital ministry is more than just live streaming.

Donna is ​ACS Technologies’ Chief Customer Officer. Her focus is on strategic planning and operations of the customer experience organization. Donna’s focus and passion have always been for our ministry partners. She has worked in the service part of the organization her entire career. Donna graduated from Lander College with a BS in Computer Science. She joined the company in 1985 as a Customer Support Representative.

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