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The End of Google Reader

Do you use Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs? Last week Google announced that it will shut down Google Reader on July 1, 2013. If you use Google reader, like I do, now’s the time to start thinking about an alternative RSS reader. Here are 3 alternatives options to try:

1)   The Old Reader
The interface of The Old Reader closely resembles that of Google Reader. The Old Reader claims that its RSS reader is “just like the old Google Reader, but better.” Users can log in through Facebook or Google, allowing you to easily import your Google Reader subscriptions. The Old Reader allows you to manually search for other users through your Facebook friends and Google contacts. Developers are working to improve the friend suggestion page, as well. There are no mobile apps yet, but they are also in the works.

2)   Feedly
The developers of Feedly are working to make a clone of the Google API to provide a complete replacement for Google Readers. Feedly allows you to share articles through social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this sharing option, Feedly uses an algorithm that suggest articles that you might find interesting according to the websites and blogs you frequent. Feedly currently offers applications for iOS and Android.

3)   Pulse
Pulse is an RSS reader that presents stories in an image tile format; you click on the image to access the full story. The reader allows sharing to Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to add new subscriptions; the process is much like that of Google Reader. However, there is currently no option for importing Google Reader feeds. When you first log into Pulse, there is an option to follow certain subjects, such as, politics, business, sports, or technology. Pulse is a visually appealing RSS reader that offers both iOS and Android applications.

Do you rely on an RSS Reader for your ministry, organization, or for personal use? Which RSS reader do you prefer? 
If you are making the switch from Google Reader to an RSS alternative, we hope you continue to follow our Ministry Impact blog!

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