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Blog » The Right Tool for Today’s Church

The Right Tool for Today’s Church

A personalized ministry environment that connects all the different tech systems in your church so you get one comprehensive view of everything is here! MinistryPlatform is the right tool for today’s church as it is the technology ecosystem that scales with you. We’ve designed MinistryPlatform so your entire ministry can benefit from it. Your team has access to a full suite of ministry technology tools from anywhere you can find internet access — whether that’s at your home or in a coffee shop on the other side of the planet. 

You want your church to grow so you can serve and reach new people. Different churches have different needs, right?


Too often the same technology that serves a church of 100 doesn’t work at 200 or 500 or 5,000. You need a technology ecosystem that scales with you. Transitioning to a new technology platform requires an investment of time and money. You can’t afford to do that every few years.

Solution: MinistryPlatform, which is specifically designed for larger churches, grows with your church. This platform adjusts with you; you don’t need to adjust to it. We know your needs will be different next year than they are this year. 

How: Because of its open API data structure, MinistryPlatform works well with whatever other tools you’re using. That capability provides you with a centralized place for all of your church data needs. Plus, because our platform is infinitely expandable, it multiplies its value every time you combine it with a new tool. 

Bottom Line: You’ll get the most powerful platform to build the church you want. 

MinistryPlatform also provides your church with a holistic understanding of who your people are—and how you can help them.


Today the size of our congregations and the complexity of modern life make it tougher to know the congregation, which has always been a critical part of the church’s ability to meet their needs.

Solution: With MinistryPlatform, we enable you to get a comprehensive view of all your people in one place. With a simple look at spiritual milestones, important life events, and ministry involvement, you’ll have church communication strategy tools at your fingertips to shepherd your congregation wherever you are.

How: You’ll have easy access to their preferred communication methods. You’ll be able to send texts, emails, and in-app notifications through the PocketPlatform mobile app. Through that app, you can provide a customized mobile experience for every user. Congregants will be able to find and sign up for groups or to volunteer, view sermon notes, register for events, and receive tithe and offering messages to give through the mobile app. 

BONUS: The communication that MinistryPlatform enables in your congregation isn’t just one way. It also allows your congregants to communicate with you and to one another.  Your MinistryPlatform partnership gives your church access to the NeedConnect app, where congregants can connect with one another to ask for prayer, food, childcare help, and more. 

Bottom Line: You’ll get the most powerful platform to know your people better.

We’ve previously established three roles of true partnership in a recent blog, The Heart of Ministry Effectiveness, and explained how normal vendors will most certainly provide tools that will help you do the ministry, but ministry partners are much more than the tools they provide. Furthermore, Your Most Powerful Platform Guide outlines how within our partnership – from your senior pastor to lay leaders to your church visitors – everyone will benefit from the designed features to make your personalized ministry faster, more efficient, and more effective. 

Most of our team members at ACS Technologies have worked at a church. Your Most Powerful Platform is a direct result of us understanding your mission because, honestly, it’s ours, too. We want to help you pursue it more effectively in your personalized ministry environment. We’re not just a normal church technology vendor, we are your trusted partner in your ministry. And, to make it even easier so you don’t miss any of our effective Church Growth Resources, you can also receive our ministry blog posts straight to your inbox!

Most Powerful Platform

Your Church Management System is likely costing you ministry opportunities.

Ministry in today’s complex environment requires a ChMS that’s powerful, people-focused, and flexible.

That’s MinistryPlatform, the most powerful ministry platform in existence.

Chris serves as the Vice President of MinistryPlatform, which provides the most powerful and flexible Church Management System for membership, group involvement, check-scanning, contributions, event management, check-in, and public website integration – including online giving and online event registration. He leads the team finding new ways to help the Church engage with people by using information. Chris was CEO of Think Ministry / MinistryPlatform before merging with ACS Technologies in April 2021.

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