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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Volunteers

Christmas gift on table

Christmas is a great opportunity to let your volunteers know how much you appreciate them.  Giving a special gift to show your thanks doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be thoughtful. Check out these helpful tips to successful gift giving for your volunteers this Christmas!

3 rules to live by:
1) Get Quality.

Your gifts communicate the values of your church. If your gifts are cheap or tacky, that says that your church is cheap and tacky. Buy quality gifts that communicate your church’s values. Quality doesn’t mean expensive.

2) Ensure Usefulness.

People have enough junk. Don’t get them things they won’t use. Don’t get them more stuff to fill up their shelves. Get them things they can use. Get them things that will bless them and their homes.

3) Make it Special.

Volunteers are special people. Your church wouldn’t be what it is without them. Make sure your gifts will be treasured. You know your people so be sure to choose meaningful gifts for your them.

4 simple ideas to consider:
1) Mugs with your church logo.

People drink hot things often. People keep quality mugs around the house. Let them think of your church every time they drink something warm by giving them a quality mug with your church’s logo.

2) Fleece Blankets.

People get cold during the winter months. People use blankets when they sit on their couches. The next time they’re cold, help them remember your church by giving them a nice blanket.

3) Books.

Give them something good to read. Speak into your team’s life by buying them a useful book that guides their learning and helps them develop spiritually, personally, or professionally.

4) Special Food.

Treat them to something special that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Food gifts brighten the holidays and relieve the extra stress the holiday places on the budgets, so get your team some special treats.


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