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Blog » What is an “Extendable Platform” Anyway?

What is an “Extendable Platform” Anyway?

What is an "Extendable Platform" Anyway?

For as long as churches, parishes, and denominational and diocesan offices have used technology to support their work in bringing more to Him, the church management software (ChMS) options have been relatively similar. Sure, some solutions are more out-of-the-box than others, but most are prebuilt for use by any type of ministry and aren’t considered customizable solutions. For many ministries, that’s what they’re looking for. However, ministries like yours expect more from their ChMS. So, how is an extendable platform help you?

You expect complete customization; the ability to tweak and change, add and remove. Your ministry is flexible and you need a solution that is too. In a phrase, you need an “extendable platform.”

But what does an “extendable platform” mean and how can it help your ministry? Here at ACS Technologies, an extendable platform means one that is very customizable and designed to grow with you as your ministry grows. It means MinistryPlatform. Let’s take a look at a few reasons ministries like yours use MinistryPlatform to strengthen and grow their membership.

Did you ever play with Legos as a kid? I sure did. I loved opening the box of Legos and being able to build exactly what I wanted. How about a multi-colored one-story house with three doors and no windows. Or maybe one with little rooms inside of it and a roof? If I decided to change or add something, I could just pull off the roof and add or remove anything I wanted. Well, MinistryPlatform is a lot like that.

Ministries who move to MinistryPlatform get a core ChMS that does everything they’d expect it to do. From managing people, contributions, and groups, to creating events, running reports, and more. However, where it differs is that MinistryPlatform users get to “pull the roof off” and customize their experience, no developers needed. They can add new reports whenever needed or create custom API calls to create entirely custom applications. Ministries can also choose from a number of integrations or add additional sub-pages and workflows to customize their experience. They can even offer a tailored, custom mobile experience for their congregation with the addition of the PocketPlatform mobile app.

An “extendable platform” also means that large churches with multiple campuses or diocesan and denominational offices means you get a common platform across your entire ministry. This means all your parishes, churches, or campuses will be on the same system, yet data only needs to be entered once. No more duplicate entries, your information is always up-to-date, and there’s no back-and-forth syncing between campuses or organizations. You’ll have real-time access to all data, all the time.

Whether you’re a single campus ministry with a long-term focus on growing, ministries spread out between multiple campuses or regions, and anywhere in between, MinistryPlatform is designed and built with you so it grows as your ministry does. To find out more about how MinistryPlatform can help extend your ministry’s reach, check out our ACS Technologies website for more information.  

Dean is ​ ACS Technologies’  VP of Corporate Operations.  He is responsible for Information Technology and all campus facilities.  Born and raised in South Carolina, He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems Management. He serves on the board and in leadership for a few local non-profit organizations.  His passions include helping others succeed​.​

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