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You Can Go Home Again

The phrase “church home” is often used in different communication.  I had never really thought about this, but that phrase really hit home for me recently.  Last weekend, I went to church at my childhood church.  I was in Texas for a Spring visit to see family and let my son have some spoiling by the grandparents.  One thing I always look forward to is worshiping within the walls of the church I grew up in. I have married and buried there as well as had a lot of personal growth.  It is nothing against my current church in my new city, but I have a special place in my heart for this church.  I love the stained glass walls, the hymns that are sung, the familiar faces that still usher.  I was reminded of how things have changed with my relationship with the church and my place in live because of the internet.
Even though I live several states away, I am able to still feel a part and be connected to the church.  The website plays a significant role in this.  I have been able to sign up for their Constant Contact Newsletter to see what is going on.  It also keeps me updated with milestones of other members.  Those that get married, those that need prayer, and those that pass away.  I know of events going on with the Children Ministry (we were able to take my son through the Stations of the Cross for Children during Sunday School because we knew about it ahead of time) or hear about things my parents are involved with.  Sermons are now published online, and I can download them to listen to topics that peak my interest.  At Christmas and Easter, I like to give flowers in memory of a friend that also attended that church that passed away.  I used to call the church a few weeks in advance, and they would mail me the form.  I now go the website, click the form, print it out, and mail the details.  I am also a “fan” on Facebook, and am able to see details there.  I enjoyed how they published a daily Lenten prayer over the last few weeks.
If it weren’t for all of these new ways of communication, I would merely be an occasional Sunday visitor.  The technology is available, and they are doing a good job in utilizing it.  Are you doing everything you can to let people “come home”?

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