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Blog » You don’t need a Virus to Automate!

You don’t need a Virus to Automate!

You don't need a Virus to Automate!

As we continue to see a rise in working remotely, and as health scares put this concept to an even bigger test, we thought it a great time to remind you of all the things our system can automate that maybe a staff person in the office has to do now or that can be delivered digitally to your staff wherever they work!

We have quite a few Routines that are provided “out of the box” that you should be using, like flagging records that appear to be duplicated, promoting children into their next groups, or assigning an engagement level to all of your participants based on parameters you set!

Routines run on a schedule, so you don’t have to remember to do anything, it does the remembering – and the work – for you! Be sure to check them all out.

  • Activity Log
  • Copy Shared Addresses
  • Credit Donor
  • Data Quality
  • Register Into Series
  • Duplicate Finder
  • Event Registration
  • Group/Room Attended
  • Household Updates
  • Outstanding Tasks
  • Participant Engagement
  • Promotion

Notifications will automatically send emails on a schedule (another you-don’t-have-to-remember-or-do-the-work scenario!). They can alert you when someone fills out a form or responds to a volunteer opportunity. They can remind you when it’s time to run a background check, or ping a group leader if they forgot to post attendance.

We currently offer these Notifications:

  • Form Response
  • Background Check Notifications (Needed & Status)
  • Happy Birthday Notification
  • Care Case Notification
  • Event Registrant Message Notification
  • Event Reminder Notification
  • Group Attendance Notification
  • Group Servant and Leader Service Notification
  • Opportunity Reminder Notification
  • Opportunity Response Notification
  • User Task Notification

But also … you can set up your own notifications! Whether you want to know when a particular record changes, or just get a scheduled email on a particular View, Item Notifications have got you covered.

With a tool like this in your own hands, the possibilities are endless. You can send your finance team a weekly email highlighting all the new donors, or get a list of all the first-time visitors in your inbox every Monday, or stay abreast of any changes that happen to your senior pastor’s record!

You decide.

And that’s one of the cool things about MinistryPlatform! You get to decide how you do church. Automation can improve the way you do church, but you still get to decide.

We pray for your health and safety, and that of all our MinistryPlatform Community, whether you continue to work in your church offices or not. And let us know how we can help you navigate any new work environments you may find yourselves in. We’re in this together!

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