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Leverage data and expertise to make informed ministry decisions

Through Potomac Conference’s partnership with ACS Technologies, you now have access to powerful insights provided by MissionInsite to evolve and grow.

MissionInsite is a web-based analytical tool providing community demographic, socioeconomic, and proprietary religious preference information designed to empower you with the tools you need to identify prospective members, cultivate your members, and make informed decisions about their ministries and mission.  

Use MissionInsite to bolster and broaden your mission and ministries, including: 

  • Reinvigorating your ministries and programs with data illustrating what your community and church family desire in a church 
  • Discovering opportunities to better serve your community through programs and outreach based on needs 
  • Identifying like-minded individuals in your community to invite into your church 
  • Building a data-driven, strategic long-term plan for growth