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E.A.R.S. Is A Simple Way To Show Others Love

John Gilman August 21, 2015

Teaching volunteers to treat people well can be tricky. Some people have an innate ability to warmly welcome someone and make them instantly feel at home. Others of us have to work at it. Nevertheless, everyone should strive to make visitors at our churches feel welcome. Treating people well is a heart issue because if you… Continue Reading »


Text Giving – Does It Really Work?

Greg Murtha August 20, 2015

Monday, July 27 Bishop Samuel L. Green, Sr. of the 12th District AME Church made the decision to try text giving at his denomination’s annual Christian Education and Youth Conference. But text giving, does it really work? Now he is encouraging fellow denominational leaders and the pastors in his region to try it as well…. Continue Reading »


Six Ways to Keep Schools Safe

Mike Faber August 18, 2015

“School days, school days, good old Golden Rule days” Remember that ditty from years past? Perhaps you’re not of a “certain age” to recall it; as a kid I think my buddies and I amended the wording a bit to reflect our personal opinions about the end of summer vacation and a return to the… Continue Reading »


Ministry Impact Story – Plymouth Church, Brooklyn Heights, NY

Jennifer Byrd August 13, 2015

Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. has a rich history rooted in helping others not only find freedom in Christ, but freedom from oppression. The church was founded in 1847 and called Henry Ward Beecher as their first pastor. Beecher was known for his opposition to slavery and soon the church had ties to the… Continue Reading »


Things to Know Before Upgrading to Windows 10

Erin McManaway August 12, 2015

Last month, Microsoft released their newest operating system, Windows 10, as a free upgrade to computers and devices using Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1. This free upgrade is available until July 29, 2016, so you have until next year to decide whether to take advantage of it. While the prospect of adopting… Continue Reading »


Retaining Visitors through Vacation Bible School

Michael Jordan August 5, 2015

Vacation Bible School provides many churches with great opportunities to reach new families during the summer. Most families love finding things for their children to do in the summer and VBS seems to be one of those activities that doesn’t scare un-churched families away. So, you have a successful Vacation Bible School, but how do… Continue Reading »


Daily Affirmations Through Outreach

Michael Jordan August 4, 2015

Sharing the Gospel should be primary in every Christ-followers life. Sometimes we need a reminder, some daily affirmations. Jesus’ last words in Matthew 28 were pretty clear to “go and tell.” In today’s culture, many church-goers are not following the commands of Christ. Outreach is vital for many reasons. Primarily, it is to share with… Continue Reading »


Preparing a Solid Communication Foundation for Your Church

Catherine Franklin July 29, 2015

As a church leader, your greatest honor is being trusted with the spiritual growth of other believers. Your greatest responsibility is to set the overall tone of the ministry while providing a safe environment for believers to thrive. One of the most important ways you do this is by preparing a solid communication foundation for… Continue Reading »


Six Tools to Combat Pastoral Burnout

Meredith Mahon Morris July 22, 2015

Being a pastor is really hard work.  Sometimes pastors feel like they have the burdens of their entire congregation on their shoulders. Ask anyone who’s shepherded a church. Pastors are people too and some of the statistics tell a sad story. Six Shocking Facts About Pastors 71% claim they’re burned out and/or spiritually fatigued 1,500… Continue Reading »

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