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Social Media and the Church

Michael Jordan April 27, 2015

We live in a world where the majority of us are connected by the Internet. This connection occurs through various platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) uniformly known as “social media.” With so many people using these platforms, it begs this question for the church: how do we engage or ignore this popular trend? The reality… Continue Reading »


Realm Pathways: Use Automation to Keep your Ministry on Track

Mark Thompson April 22, 2015

I thought I’d take my blog post as a chance to remind Realm users about a sometimes-forgotten feature: Pathways. At some point, all ministers have wished their church was better at coordinating some collective task. New members, for example, need to receive welcome packets from one person, invitations to meetings and groups from others, home… Continue Reading »


8 Tips to Help you Get the Most out of the Ideas to Impact Conference

Carol Brown April 14, 2015

If you haven’t signed up for the Ideas to Impact conference that’s being held in Dallas, Texas May 26 – 29, there’s still time to register. If you’re going, here are some ideas to help you get the most from the conference. Decide What you Want to Learn Make a list of things you want… Continue Reading »


What is a Third Space Missionary?

John Gilman April 7, 2015

The idea is simple. People live in at least three spaces. Domestic Space. This is there home. It’s where they live with their family. It’s private and hard for churches to reach. Civic Space.This is school or work or something of the like. It’s public, but professional, in these spaces and Christians have limited influence people… Continue Reading »


Make the Most of the Easter Season

Michael Jordan April 1, 2015

For churches, there is no bigger Sunday all year than Easter. The significance is two-fold. As a Christ-follower, the resurrection of Jesus is paramount to one’s faith. Secondly, Easter Sunday is one of the most attended worship service of the year. So, the question is how we as churches can make the most of the… Continue Reading »


7 Keys to Making Difficult Decisions

Michael Jordan March 30, 2015

Making decisions isn’t easy. It scares us and drains our strength, but decisions have to be made. When you make one, trust that God has everything under control, and know He works everything for His purpose and your good even if you don’t know what His specific purpose in a certain situation is or understand… Continue Reading »


How to Make Ministry Memorable

John Gilman March 23, 2015

We know you’re doing a lot of teaching, but are your people doing a lot of learning? Do they remember what they’ve learned? Do you know how to make ministry memorable? Dr. Edgar Dale researched the types of experiences that built the most last memories in our minds. He found that people remember: 90% of… Continue Reading »


Extend an Invitation to your Website

Allison McGinnis March 10, 2015

Websites are often the first impression of your church. They are a great way to share your church’s message, ministries and upcoming events and welcome newcomers. Most churches today already have a website, but many are in serious need of a “revival”. There are countless numbers of dull and outdated websites all over the Internet. Extend… Continue Reading »

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