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Jump In and Swim

sallyg August 28, 2014

This past weekend, I took my children to a friend’s house to go swimming. My 3 year old still swims with a floatie. This is mostly by my design. I knew I couldn’t keep up with all 3 at the pool throughout the summer months without knowing he had the security of the float. In… Continue Reading »


The ABC’S of getting people involved

John Gilman August 27, 2014

Do you want people to get involved in your church? Here are the ABC’S of getting people involved. Assess people Church members need to know their gifts. Use one of the countless assessment tools built for businesses or churches. Myers-Briggs, APEST, Lifeway’s SPIRITUAL GIFTS SURVEY, Peter Wagner’s Your Spiritual Gifts Can Help Your Church Grow, and… Continue Reading »


Sermons Can’t Solve Every Problem

John Gilman August 18, 2014

Sermons are powerful. They encourage people to Christ-likeness and help them to grow spiritually. Sometimes, the sermon is the main event of the church service. It’s a high point of Sunday morning, and most of Sunday’s programs revolve around it. But, sermons can’t solve every problem. Sermons are a passive experience without reciprocity. One person… Continue Reading »


What’s Wrong with the Church?

John Gilman July 31, 2014

What’s wrong with the Church? This question might offend some people. However, it is a question we must consider. First of all, Jesus told Peter in Matthew 16:18 that “the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” Certainly, we take Jesus’ words as absolute truth, but it doesn’t discount that some churches will struggle… Continue Reading »


Ministry Impact Story: Two Rivers Church, Knoxville, TN

Meredith Mahon Morris July 30, 2014

Two Rivers Church, right outside of Knoxville, TN,  is doing what it takes to reach people of all generations. Not only do they offer 6 different worship times on the weekend, but the uniqueness comes from 3 different styles of worship that are all on the same campus. This new trend is called multi-venue and… Continue Reading »


6 Ways to Make Your Sermons Stick

John Gilman July 29, 2014

Do your sermons stick or are you just an information dump truck? You’re teaching, but are your people learning? Information dumping doesn’t make disciples. You don’t become doctors just by sitting in medical lectures. You won’t be a pro-ball player by memorizing stats. And you won’t get in shape by reading a biology book. Jesus calls… Continue Reading »


Ministry Impact Story: Fishing Creek Salem UMC, Goldsboro, PA

Meredith Mahon Morris July 23, 2014

God has been doing big things in Fishing Creek Salem United Methodist Church. Lives are being changed, lost people are finding Christ, and people in need are finding hope. This church isn’t new, but founded in 1842. These congregants have been doing the work of Christ for 170 years. They’ve seen generations come and go…. Continue Reading »


Five Ways Pastors Fail on Facebook.

John Gilman July 18, 2014

Facebook is everywhere. Pastors can use it to reach people, but here are five ways Pastors Fail on Facebook. Liking someone’s picture late at night. Everyone creeps on Facebook, but there’s a difference between creeping and being creepy. Creeping is ok in moderation. You can get to know people and learn how to connect with… Continue Reading »


Don’t Pass On Password Managers

Rebecca Moore July 9, 2014

Password Manager programs have been around for a while. However, not many people are utilizing these programs to help protect them and their information on the Internet. These programs help to keep your passwords strong and your information safe. What is a password manager? A password manager is software or a website that helps you… Continue Reading »

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