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Eight Ways to Make the Holiday Season Missional

Michael Jordan November 24, 2015

From Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, the holiday season keeps us so busy we often fail to reach out to others. But, God’s love doesn’t stop during the holidays, and we shouldn’t stop sharing it either. Can you reach out to others and enjoy the holidays too? The simple answer is yes, and here are… Continue Reading »


Change For Change

Kendrea Moorer November 20, 2015

Have you ever found yourself feeling an enormous amount of anxiety as you sit in a ministry meeting, hearing your leader describe an upcoming alteration to the way you currently do ministry? The feeling can be paramount. It can be overtaking. Many of us begin to tune out the presenters dialogue and instantly start to… Continue Reading »


Tips to Enjoy the Spirit of Advent

Raina Hanson November 16, 2015

With all the events and moving parts that go into Advent, it’s easy, as ministry schedulers, to lose the spirit of it in all of the hubbub. Technology can really be your friend here, allowing you to tie Advent into many pieces of your work and help you keep focus on what is important; preparing… Continue Reading »


Tools to Make Twitter Work Better for Your Church

Erin McManaway November 12, 2015

Back when Twitter™ was still fairly new, I signed up for a personal account. The concept of sending posts that were restricted to only 140 characters was unusual. The idea that you could follow people, see their tweets appear in real time and share those tweets with people who follow you sounded amazing, in theory…. Continue Reading »


Four Ways To Bless Others This Thanksgiving

Michael Jordan November 6, 2015

As the fall season winds on toward winter, the holiday season begins. This of course means Thanksgiving is almost here, which spurns many traditions for families across the United States. But not only for families at home, but church families as well. Thanksgiving is certainly an opportunity to spend time with them and reflect upon… Continue Reading »


Homecoming: How To Make Your Celebration Better

Michael Jordan November 2, 2015

Are Homecoming services a thing of the past? It probably depends on who you ask, but for many churches this service can give them the shot in the arm they have been needing. Approximately 30 years ago, homecoming services were very prevalent across the religious landscape. These days, not as much.  For many churches, the… Continue Reading »


What Role Does Data Have In The Church?

Michael Jordan October 30, 2015

Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Capital One, among countless others, use enormous databases to tailor their products and services to fit their customer’s needs. They develop new products, offer specialized services and reduce costs while satisfying customers and increasing company revenue. Politicians spend millions of dollars to collect and analyze massive data sets that help… Continue Reading »


Your Latest Update on the New Tax Forms

Kaitlyn Grooms October 27, 2015

  This year, there are new tax forms required for the Affordable Care Act: Forms 1094 and 1095. We’re working hard to make sure you comply with the IRS and accurately file your Affordable Care Act forms. Contact your tax adviser to find out exactly which forms you need. Here’s an update on the progress… Continue Reading »

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