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How to Pray for your Pastor – Pastor Appreciation

Meredith Mahon Morris October 22, 2014

The ability to pray is one of the greatest spiritual assets we possess. There are certainly many things and people that we pray for on a daily basis that are, to us, significant. One person we should add to our prayer list, if they’re not already on there, is our pastor. The under-shepherd of our… Continue Reading »


Ideas to Impact Post-Conference Checklist

Kaitlyn Grooms October 14, 2014

2014 was my first year attending the Ideas to Impact Conference, and it couldn’t have been better. It was the biggest conference to date, with a total count of 1,036 clients and over 100 staff from ACS Technologies. In my two years of working at ACS Technologies, this was the first time I was able… Continue Reading »


Pastor Appreciation Photo Contest

Michael Jordan October 9, 2014

Is your pastor awesome? If so, it could get both of you some really great prizes. In observance of Pastor Appreciation 2014, we’re holding a photo contest to help spread the gratitude. All you have to do is share a photo of your pastor, along with his/her name, your church name and the reason(s) why… Continue Reading »


The Top 8 Best Pastor Appreciation Ideas

John Gilman October 2, 2014

October is Pastor Appreciation month, and here are the top 8 best Pastor Appreciation ideas. Bring a friend to church—What says “I appreciate my pastor” more than bringing someone new to church? Your pastor would love to see some new faces. Take him out to lunch—Offer to buy your pastor lunch one day this month…. Continue Reading »


How to Fix Broken Volunteers

Michael Jordan September 29, 2014

Leaders fix broken people and volunteers, working to get them active. Church is full of broken people. Below are several different types of volunteers who are in every church and what you can do to possible “fix” them and, as a result, strengthen your ministry. Mr. Ideas for You to Do: He’s a church consultant… Continue Reading »


Ministry Impact Story: Parkway Presbyterian Church, Cumming, GA

Meredith Mahon Morris September 26, 2014

Since its birth in 1998, Parkway Presbyterian Church has been creating faithful servants of God. The church’s mission is fundamental: connect with God, grow in His word and serve the world. Its members are spiritually tied to that mission and it perfectly aligns the ministry through their walk with Jesus. A church deeply rooted in… Continue Reading »


14 Strengths and Weakness of Bi-Vocational Ministry

John Gilman September 16, 2014

Many embrace bi-vocational ministry. Others treat bi-vocational pastors as the B team of professional ministers.  Being bi-vocational doesn’t make you any less of a minister. Paul worked two jobs. He made tents and he started churches. He used the money he made with his hands to take care of himself and his team. Paul’s commitment… Continue Reading »


Steps to Increase Safety in Children’s Ministries

Allison McGinnis September 11, 2014

The greatest assets a church has are its people; they are the body of Christ. In order for the church to grow, all ministries must be encouraged to prosper. All of the church’s ministries work together to strengthen the body of Christ and are important, but I believe the children’s ministry is the lifeblood of… Continue Reading »

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