Mobilize your Ministry

Equipping your church for a complex, fast-paced, always-on, and constantly connected world.

How are you dealing with a changing world?

Today, people connect in more ways than ever before. In an era of smartphones, tablets, and online profiles churches are required to mobilize themselves to meet the fluctuating demands of a connected and informed world.

A new world requires a new approach.

Today’s Church stays informed and connected 7 days a week, from anywhere, and on any device.

Congregations want to be connected.

Staff tools are essential for day to day ministry operations, but that’s only part of the solution. Today, congregations want to be more connected and involved, and churches need to respond by engaging them in modern ways. By equipping your church body with shared ministry tools, it becomes much easier to communicate, grow, give, serve, and meet needs together.

As the world has changed, so have we.

We’ve released a new breed of ministry tools that engages your entire church, not just your staff.

The cloud is where it’s at.

Traditional church management software has been an effective staff tool for years, but as congregations become more active online, the rules are changing. That’s why we have built the next generation of ministry tools that syncs staff tools with congregation tools. People can update their own profiles, join groups, give online, build relationships, and find new ways to connect and do ministry together. And it’s all in the cloud.

You’re called to go. We’re here to help.

We proudly serve over 50,000 clients coast to coast, representing many different backgrounds but all on the same mission.

We’ve got your back.

Software alone can’t do it all. It’s really about people. We’ve got the largest support team in the industry, and we have a passion for church ministry. Our support staff is an extension of your ministry team, and we look forward to helping you change lives. We offer excellent training options, friendly support, and helpful advice from our experienced ministry consultants.

How mobilized is your ministry?

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