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Lord Jesus

Monday, December 4, 2023

Matthew 8:5 - 11

Amazed by faith

Wait, what? Jesus was amazed?

We are amazed all the time. We are amazed when we are given a promotion. We can be amazed when our child wins a trophy in sports. We are amazed when we find a lost $10 bill in a coat pocket. Art, music, nature, science–these are all things we are amazed by. Surprise and amazement are such human experiences.

So when Jesus was amazed, I am amazed. What can amaze the Son of God? What amazed him in today’s Gospel reading was the faith of the centurion, a Gentile, who understood that Jesus didn’t have to be physically present with his suffering servant to heal him. And he was amazed that the centurion understood Jesus’ authority over life and death.

What does that kind of faith look like in our lives? Are we convinced that Jesus has ultimate authority, or do we just “hope” so? Can we sit with this scripture and challenge ourselves to follow the centurion to Jesus and ask him for help and healing? If not for ourselves, for others, as the centurion did? Can we amaze Jesus with our faith?

Try this: Find the Act of Faith online or in a book and memorize it (it is brief!). When you feel doubt, which occasionally comes, just recite this foundational prayer.

Jesus, we pray for an amazing increase in faith during this Advent season.