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Honoring the legacy of Reverend Michael J. Boyle, PDS Founder

Catholic Church Management Software and Services for Parishes and Dioceses

The smartest way to Evangelize in today’s Catholic Church.

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have never been better.

We are passionate about finding solutions to make serving and leading your parish easier. Parish Data System™ was founded by a Catholic priest, Father Mike, which has made us dedicated to serving The Church and has led us to develop the best Catholic church management software available on the market. With more solutions and tools, we have never been more capable of serving Catholic parishes and dioceses than we are right now.

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Experience personalized solutions to match your parish's roles and ministry goals.

Parish Management software


Find the right tools for the most important job in the world. Not all tools are equal.

#1 Catholic Church Management Software


Equip your parish or diocese to serve parishioners in amazing ways.

We offer solutions designed for parishes and dioceses.

For parishes, everyone is a part of the team: pastoral care, staff, parishioners, and volunteers. Offering ways to connect your parishioners, track the Sacraments,  or help staff do their jobs better, PDS™ is a parish management software solution designed to help your community grow spiritually.

For dioceses, we have made it so coordinating, collecting, and sharing information and resources are consistent and straightforward. This enables your diocesan staff to coordinate information flow in a standardized way, thus making reporting information comprehensive and accurate.

Your investment in PDS also means an investment in our team. Our customer service representatives provide unmatched support to ensure you have what you need to continue to build The Church. Data conversion, valuable advice, training, events, and topical instruction is just the beginning of how we will set you up for success. We are here to help you so you can serve the community and do the Lord’s work.

Give us a call at 1-800-736-7425 to talk to one of our experts and see if PDS OnDemand is right for you. Or visit our Contact Us page.

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Faithfully Serving Catholics Since 1978

How It All Got Started

Father Mike Boyle“In 1978 when I was a priest at St Vincent’s Parish in Phoenix, AZ, our parish secretary kept all her information on index cards—hundreds and hundreds of index cards. I knew there had to be a better way to track the information critical to the unique needs of the Catholic Church. I assembled a small team with knowledge of parochial administration, church office procedures, church administration, and computer programming. My goal was to create a system that allowed us to spend less time recording information and more time using that information to minister to our parishioners. Other parishes agreed, and so we grew.”

— Father Mike

Continuing Our Legacy of Innovation

Over 40 years later, Parish Data System is still listening to our church partners and we are still making it our mission to find a better way to help them serve their parish and parishioners. With PDS and Realm we have two solutions that will allow you to spend more time ministering. In many ways, it feels like we’re just getting started.


’70s – Good times. Dy-no-mite!

ACST - 1970 DecadeParish Data System™ (PDS) was founded in 1978 by Father Michael Boyle, Roseanne Trombley, and Joseph Gordon to meet the real-world needs of the Church.



’80s — Were like, totally rad.

1980'sThese were our DOS days. PDS expanded rapidly from just the original PDS Census/Contribution program. PDS Journal, PDS Facility Scheduler, PDS Ledger/Payables, and PDS Foccus programs were released.



’90s — Aced it. Alrightyyyy then.

ACST - 1990 DecadePDS continued to expand its product lineup introducing PDS Religious Education, PDS School Management, PDS Grade Book, and PDS Payroll. We also began the transition from DOS to Windows when PDS Census/Contributions Version 17 was released for both MS-DOS and Windows. Our first diocese product was released, called PDS Link.



’00s — We all survived Y2K.

ACST - 2000 DecadeWhat a decade for innovation! Starting in 2000, PDS Church Office, PDS Formation Office, and PDS School Office were released for Windows and could share the same database between them. In 2004, ACS Technologies® purchased Parish Data System keeping it as a separate brand and continuing its development. For example, we introduced a couple new diocesan solutions: PDS DioOffice and PDS DioView. We also made the move from installed software to our PDS OnDemand solution.



’10s — Because YOLO.

ACST - 2010 DecadeRealm® was born! And after a few years in development, we began marketing Realm to Catholic parishes and dioceses. (It’s our fully web-based parish management option.) Plus, we added a couple new product initiatives for Catholic dioceses: Realm Network and Realm Office. Of course, we also continued to enhance our core PDS solution with the release of PDS Version 9.



’20s — Just gettin’ started…

Timeline 2020We couldn’t be more excited about where things are headed. We’ve entered this new decade with a few recent acquisitions, and we are rapidly working on integrating everything into our single-system approach. Specifically, we are really excited about two new solutions. MissionInsite™ gives churches tremendous information and insight into their communities, and MinistrySmart™ teaches parish staff how to make the most of their ministry. In July 2020, we released PDS Version 10 which provides parishes with better accessibility, performance, and security in PDS.  Of course, we continue to do our bi-weekly updates to Realm as well.

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