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Elevate your IT to Higher Ground

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Technology is ever evolving, much like the needs of your church or organization. Knowing the best technology for your needs and keeping them secure and up to date can be cumbersome but essential to running your operations effectively. Many churches and businesses are turning to Managed Service Providers to help them make key decisions and maintain their network of products. 

Higher Ground Managed IT has been helping churches and businesses for over 20 years and offer a range of services to meet your needs and budget.


From security to system management, Higher Ground has you covered.


Higher Ground will provide recommendations based on your unique needs


Higher Ground offers subscription-based options for IT management.


Does your internet performance create lags in communication? Is your office due for a hardware upgrade? Is your firewall protecting your church or business from vulnerabilities? Technology continues to evolve, as do your needs, which can make the buying process overwhelming.

You’re not expected to be an expert on the best equipment or systems in the market, but your church or office does need proper hardware and software to operate effectively. Higher Ground specializes in evaluating your needs and identifying the best equipment for your immediate and growing requirements. We can help you with the purchase of wireless systems, phone systems, workstations and laptops, and more – all optimized specifically for your needs. 


The biggest threat to your church or office is not something you likely think about often. You’re consumed with managing operations, enabling ministries, strategizing for the future, and helping people. However, data threats continue increasing, so it’s important you bring security to the forefront and safeguard all avenues into your church or office. 

Higher Ground is your partner in protection and can conduct a complete assessment of your environment, from your email service to user passwords to the devices used, to shield you from external threats.


Whether you’re a small business or large church, you’re accessing multiple systems from various devices each day. Access to data and the protection of your data is paramount, but you may not have the expertise in your organization to manage your systems or equipment. 

Higher Ground offers hosting, backup, and disaster recovery services, relieving the burden of having dedicated in-house staff or expertise. Our management services prevent you from worrying about data loss or hardware failure that could have your business down for days or weeks. We also encrypt your data, protecting it from threats.


Support is included with all our Higher Ground services. We understand a quick response and resolution are expected and necessary so your church or business can continue its operations. In most cases, our technicians will connect to your network and investigate the issue immediately. As soon as we can understand the problem or duplicate the error, you can get back to work, we will take it from there and let you know when it is solved.

“It’s very hard to be up to date and up to speed on every section of the network, but with Higher Ground, you have people who are extremely knowledgeable about every area of the network instead of just one.”
Curtis Ponzio
IT Consultant

Our Guarantee

Higher Ground has been providing hosting and managed services to religious organizations and businesses for over 20 years. We know security is a top concern, equipping staff and volunteers with the best systems and equipment is necessary, and having expertise and support available is crucial for operations. Higher Ground provides the stability, dependability, and scalability required for churches, dioceses, offices, and businesses to operate safely and effectively.

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