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A New, Transformative Tool for Measuring Mission Effectiveness and Discipleship Formation

The ongoing journey of discipleship is not a destination but a pilgrimage, with each step contributing to the ongoing formation of individuals as dedicated followers of Christ. How can parishes and dioceses best support their parishioners in this ongoing formation? How can you understand where your parish is now and recognize steps you can take to enhance your ministries to help them grow?

With the Discipleship Indicator
from ACST Catholic.

Developed by experts and Church leaders across the country and thoroughly tested by Catholic parishes, the Discipleship Indicator is the new, transformative tool that will allow you to measure your ministry effectiveness and know where your parishioners are on their journey as disciples.

The Discipleship Indicator also allows your parish family to self-evaluate and consider where they are now in their walk with Christ–and where they would like to go next with the help of the parish.

“The good shepherd walks with the flock: sometimes ahead, to mark the way; sometimes in the midst, to encourage them and sometimes behind, to accompany those who may be struggling.”
– Pope Francis