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The smartest way to evangelize in today’s Catholic church.

Connect with parishioners.

Nurture spiritual growth.

Strengthen relationships with Christ.

The National Eucharistic Congress concluded a transformative three-year revival dedicated to renewing faith and deepening encounters with Christ in the Eucharist. This historic event ignited a fervent spirit among its 60,000+ participants—from laypeople to consecrated religious and clergy—who left inspired and determined to spread the Good News of Christ. ACST Catholic shares this passion, equipping parishes and dioceses with the essential tools to bring this mission to life. View this video to learn more!

Find out why archdioceses and dioceses nationwide are turning to ACST Catholic for technology that aligns parishes, expands their donor base, and helps them shepherd the flock entrusted to their care.

What happens when parish ministry meets technology?

Seamless coordination of catechetical programs, streamlined management of parish facilities, increased parishioner engagement and enhanced pastoral care–all without excess strain on parish staff. Sound good?