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The smartest way to evangelize in today’s Catholic church.

Connect with parishioners.

Nurture spiritual growth.

Strengthen relationships with Christ.

Terry Poplava, General Manager of ACST Catholic, discusses the National Eucharistic Revival and the upcoming Eucharistic Congress with Scott Richert, publisher of OSV and member of the executing planning committee for the Revival. Learn about the objective of the revival and the anticipated impact of the Congress in this enlightening interview.

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Diocesan intel that will align parishes, expand donor base, and help seek those who are lost.

In collaboration, we will leverage insights that help develop a mission-driven, data informed plan that welcomes parishioners, forms missionary disciples, and advances your diocese forward

Know, connect and grow. Build your parishioner relationship inside and outside the Church.

Engaging parishioners to inspire their gifts and talents to various ministries while expanding your flock.

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