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10 Easy and Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Graduates


The Graduating Class of 2023

It has been a year like no other. It certainly has not ended in the way they expected. There will be no graduation ceremonies, no tossing of the hat and gown, no playing of “Pomp and Circumstance”. There are a lot of disappointed students out there who desperately need to find a sense of closure to their high school and college years. 

While parents and loved ones are certainly doing their best to celebrate this year’s graduates, the Church can also play a part in honoring their accomplishments

Here are 10 easy and meaningful ways you can honor your 2023 graduates:

  1. Feature them on social media: Take a week or two and feature each of the church’s graduates on social media. Get a nice photo and list their accomplishments.
  2. Lawn signs at the church: Have special lawn signs or banners made up for each graduate featuring their photo and their school’s mascot and post them neatly on the lawn of the church for the whole community to see.
  3. Tribute videos: Take some time to put together a video on each graduate and show them in your services or social media. This will take some coordination with the parents, but will be something the graduate will never forget.
  4. Virtual commencement ceremonies: Play “Pomp and Circumstance” and read all the names of the graduates during your own virtual ceremony. Have them move their tassels and toss their hats together from their own homes.
  5. Letter-writing campaign: Write a special keepsake letter full of encouragement and inspiration to each graduate, compelling them on to future greatness with the Lord’s blessing.
  6. An Announcement during online services: Take time out during online services to announce the names of the graduates and honor them. Use photos and report their accomplishments.
  7. Congratulatory home visits by pastors: Gather up some of the pastors and do a special home driveway visit to each graduate. Bring gifts and balloons to celebrate in style.
  8. Gifts: Every graduate will love graduation gifts from the church. Cash is always great, or choose something meaningful they can take with them to college.
  9. Local news coverage: Contact your local newspaper, TV, and radio stations to ask them to feature your graduates in their coverage.
  10. Video Prayer Meeting: Host a video conference with as many people as possible to pray for each graduate and intercede for their future.

Don't Forget...

The 2023 graduation season looks a lot different than past years. But it does not have to be void of all meaning. Take the time to try one of these 10 easy ways to honor your graduates. Get your church involved in making their commencement a special one.

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