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Church Leaders, Don’t Forget…

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Leader, you are receiving constant information that feels like it is ever-changing. As soon as you communicate a new decision to your staff and your congregation, new information is released that changes things. 

There are so many daily decisions to be made that affect so many people. It’s a heavy weight.

This is a heavy time. So much uncertainty and in so many ways there is no way to know if you are making the right decision or just the best decision. It can feel overwhelming.

This is why….Leaders, don’t forget:

  • You need rest too. This is essential. Rest your body and your brain. Sleep, sit in silence, go outside, and breathe.
  • It’s okay to turn off your phone and disconnect for a bit. The world will keep evolving and changing without you. The people you love and trust can handle whatever comes up so you can unplug for a bit. This is one of the ways you rest your mind.
  • You need to laugh. Do something you enjoy. Watch funny youtube videos, turn on your favorite movie, watch America’s Funniest Home Videos. Laughter is medicine for the soul.
  • It’s normal to feel angry and frustrated. Everybody is feeling waves of this. You are no different. 
  • Stay connected to your people. You need them as much as they need you. Facetime your best friend, call a family member once a week, make time for an in-home date night, text your workout buddy. This is important.
  • You are allowed to have fun during this time. This is a serious time, but we are also gifted with time to spend with our families that we don’t normally get. Make the most of it. Have a picnic, make s’mores, run through the sprinkler, make ice cream sundaes for dinner. Find ways to make fun memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Why you do what you do. Remind yourself often that you are in this position because you followed your calling to this place. You are in this position at this exact moment in history because the Lord wanted you here. This means He will equip you to do and be all that is needed because He is faithful.
  • This is difficult because you truly care about your people. You love people as a whole and so, you care what happens to them, what they’re going through, and where they stand with Christ. You care about what happens to them today and most importantly what happens to them for eternity. That is why you feel a heavy weight, because you care. That is good.

None of this makes the hard go away, but we have to remember. We can’t let the weight become heavier than the why. We are able to bear the weight because Jesus planted the why in our hearts and our souls. He will be enough for us during this season so we can be enough for the people He called us to serve.

Leader, don’t forget.

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