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Blog » 5 Reasons Realm Pathways is Life-Changing for Your Staff

5 Reasons Realm Pathways is Life-Changing for Your Staff

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Do you ever find yourself bogged down with so many tasks that you are often forgetting that the biggest task we as ministers have is to disciple others? How do you get past the paperwork covering your desk and the endless to-do list that never fully gets checked off while still ministering to others? 

Believe it or not, managing the workload while still building leaders and disciples for the Kingdom is possible. This seemingly impossible idea is made available through Realm Pathways and is life-changing for both you and your congregation. 

Here are 5 reasons Realm Pathways offers a more satisfying and efficient way of doing ministry. 

  1. Becoming aware. Realm Pathways is designed to help you become aware of who’s your “Who.” As ministry leaders, we come in contact with many faces on a regular basis, and it can be difficult to keep up with each person. Pathways is a great tool to help place people within your congregation into the right ministry area in which they choose to join.
  2. No more falling through the cracks. The Pathways tool in Realm is also known for helping make sure no one gets left behind. It is easy to commit to helping someone get involved or plugged in, but as we talked about earlier, our brains are on sensory overload. Even when we write something down, we lose the sticky note.  Realm ensures once your congregants are placed into the right Pathway, no one gets lost in the shuffle anymore. 
  3. Work smarter, not harder. With Realm Pathways, you get to finally comprehend and understand what it means to work smarter and not harder. When a congregant expresses interest in a certain ministry area, simply move them into that specific Pathway and start working through the process. Realm commits to being there with you every step of the way when working to get others connected.
  4. Know your part.  Realm has designed the Pathways to help you know your part. Specific tasks or people can be assigned to you so you know what your next step is to getting someone connected. 
  5. Ministry transitions. From one ministry to the next, Realm Pathways makes it easy for congregants to keep going deeper and follow the next steps in becoming disciples. 

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to work through the Pathways. Realm is user-friendly and available with just one touch on your smartphone or computer. Stop stressing over keeping up with everything. Throw away the millions of papers on your desk and the endless amounts of sticky notes. Let Realm do the work for you while you pour into others and continue to build the Kingdom. 

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