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Manage workflows within your church with Pathways

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Structure and accountability for important internal processes.

New Visitor Follow Up Pathway screenshot on laptop mockup as video cover photo

Custom Pathways

Create paths to growth.

Whether it’s visitor follow-up, new member education, personalized discipleship, or volunteer training, Realm® lets you define and oversee the steps, activities, and outcomes of any process.

Pathways screenshots
Pathways screenshots

Follow-up Triggers

Never miss an opportunity.

Set automated triggers for following up at predefined process steps and create system-initiated actions at activity completion to make sure people are never left waiting but keep moving forward.

Granular Delegation

Share the work. Increase the impact.

Realm enables you to assign Pathway oversight at granular levels, allowing you to distribute specific roles to the right people while maintaining overall control, management, and insight.

Pathways screenshots

Feature Highlights