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5 Reasons to Remember


Our memories can be a powerful force, both positively and negatively in our lives. We don’t always get to choose the random memories that seem to attach themselves to our cerebral cortex, but we can control some ways we remember.

The act of remembering can be used to elicit fear and shame or it can also be used to inspire and motivate. It is impactful either way, depending on how and why you remember.

God actually has a lot to say about remembering. He remembers us (Isaiah 49:15-16) and remembers His covenant to us (I Chronicles 16:15-16). He promises to remember His faithfulness and steadfast love toward us (Psalm 98:3). God commands us to remember as well: His good deeds toward us (I Chronicles 16:12), His faithfulness (Psalm 25:10) and to tell others of His faithfulness (Deuteronomy 4:9, Psalm 143:5).

So why is it so important for us to remember and what does it do for us?

5 Reasons to Remember:
1) Reminds us of His faithfulness

He has done great things for us, and He has an excellent track record of being steadfastly faithful. It is like a B12 vitamin shot to the soul to recount the ways He has been good to us.

2) Stirs up gratitude

When we remember the ways He has been faithful in our lives, it can only result in feelings of thankfulness bubbling up. I wish we were naturally bent toward gratitude, but most of us need to be reminded why we should be thankful.

3) Realigns our focus

As we remember stories and examples of His goodness, it rightly sets our eyes and focus on the One who is ever faithful. The view is always more clear when our gaze rests on Him and His character.

4) Lets us tell our story

Our natural response is to want to share the good news of all He has done and why He is so good! He wants us to help other people start to remember as well (Psalm 40:10).

He commands us to remember to give thanks and to share the Good News – not because He needs to hear how amazing He is but because that sets us up for His best for us.

5) Sets us up for what is next

When our focus is set on Him and we are overflowing with gratitude, we certainly want to tell others. When we are living in obedience, we are setting ourselves up for whatever gift and adventure God has next for us.

We want to be ready and available for whatever He has around the bend. The best way to do that starts with remembering!

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