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7 Quick Wins to Retain Your Easter Visitors

Make a memorable greeting

Whether digital or face to face, make sure to leave an unforgettable impression during the opening of your great service. 

Get their contact information

Create a landing page or website that can collect contact information in exchange for a gift

Keep and update records

Match kids to parents and birthdays to keep families organized.

Personalize a follow-up pathway

Create multiple touchpoints with a personal connection when you follow up.

Leverage your whole team

Touchpoints should involve different people for maximum connections.

Offer a reason to return

Give a second gift or valuable resource to returning visitors. 

Keep at it

Provide periodic check-ins and offers to visitors over time. 

Not every visitor will return, but don’t let it be for lack of trying. 

Romans 12:11 –  Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

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