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9 Tips to Recharge, Refresh & Re-Energize Your Church This Summer

Usually, I’m a very task-oriented guy. I’m the guy who struggles to rest and likes to stay busy. A few months ago, I had a day off and I fed the kids breakfast, went for a jog, played hide and seek with my kids, read a few chapters from a book, cleaned the garage, and fixed the dishwasher before 9:30 am…

That was a normal day in winter so if you can’t tell, the summer can be hard on me with my need for a busy schedule. Ministry is really all about the people and when people aren’t around, I don’t know what to do.

Summers are slow around the church office. People are out of town. Schools are closed, and the days can drag on. Summer can feel like wasted time, but I’ve found that slow summers are great times to reflect, recharge, and re-energize.

9 Tips to Help Your Church Refresh this Summer

Prayer walks. Prayer is one of the first things to go when our schedules get crowded. Use some of your extra time to pray for yourself, your family, your leaders, and your church. 

Get healthy. Enjoy the warmer weather and be active. Go hiking, jogging, biking, or kayaking. You’ll earn extra points if you find a hobby you can enjoy with your spouse.

Mid-year planing session. You and your team should probably have a mid-year planning session built around reflecting on past events and envisioning future ones.

Calendar Clean up Evaluate your personal and professional calendars. Look for time periods with to little or or much activity and make adjustments. Be sure to create a healthy rhythms within your calendar.

Personal Development. Read some of the books that you’ve been waiting to read, go to a conference you’ve been wanting to attend, or take a summer course at a college or university you’ve been meaning to take.

Play with your family. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge. Take some time and enjoy being with your kids or grandkids. Take a trip to visit some faraway friends or family.

Recharge your marriage. Go on a weekend get-away with your spouse or make time for some day-dates that make the most of the warm weather.

Meet other church leaders. Take an afternoon or a morning and visit with some local pastors in your town or those nearby in your denomination. Buy them coffee, breakfast, or lunch.

Meet your neighbors. Lots of people move in the summer. Look for those new families that make their way into your neighborhood. Introduce yourself, show them kindness, and invite them for a barbecue or meal. 

What do you do in the summer to keep your church engaged?

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