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ACS Celebrates Jamie Grimsley

At our Conference this past May, I had someone come up to me and say “you all really care about each other, don’t you”?  This past weekend, ACS lost one of our own family, Jamie Grimsley.  Jamie definitely had a profound impact on the company during his time here.  This isn’t just in the work he did, but in the lives he touched.  And there are a lot.
An official service will be held tomorrow afternoon to honor his life.  This morning, ACS gathered around the flagpoles for their own celebration of his life.  Jamie’s biological family joined us, but the area was surrounded by his ACS Family as well.  As we walked up to the area, with the ACS flag at half mass in his honor, worship music was being played.  Not just any worship music, music that was Jamie singing.  Many of you know Jamie the ACS leader, some of you know Jamie the singer, and many of you know him as both.  He blessed us with his talents at many a Conference.  Our own Ken Hicks led us in a service of singing, scripture, remembrance, and prayer to honor Jamie.  There was even an audio clip of Jamie talking to the Leadership Team about his cancer battle, the impact of the overwhelming support and feedback from our clients had on him, and the strength of his faith.
We often get asked about a window in to the company and our day to day here.  A lot of that is software development.  Just know that this week, it is a lot more than just software.  It is a time of mourning and yet celebrating the life of our dear friend.

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