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man holding bible in church

Ministry leaders: Mac Lake on Leadership Development

It’s not just church plants that can benefit from leadership training. The fact is, a lot of the churches that are shutting down, it really isn’t due to spiritual issues. These are godly men and they’re in areas where the need is great, but for a lot of them, it’s just a clumsy execution of their calling. Some of them are making too many leadership mistakes and they’re paying the price for it.

pastor preaching

A Pastor’s Perspective on Reaching the Hard to Reach

I meet church leaders and planters all the time that say they have the same desire – reaching people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The reality is that I see very few follow through. The main reason seems to be that reaching really messy people sounds good and looks good on paper, but the reality of reaching them is something entirely different. I thought I would start this series of posts with an article about the realities of reaching the hard to reach.