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ACS Yard Sale

One of our top priorities as a company is to take care of our employees.  We know that without good employees, we would not be able produce software products, provide customer support, acquire new clients, and the other functions that allow us to stay in business.  So we learned long ago that we have to take care of our employees.
One of our new initiatives this year was to offer the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course to our employees.  There was an overwhelming response to this offer with 66 employees signing up and more waiting for a class later this year.  Two of the steps taught in the Financial Peace course are to have $1000 set aside in the bank for emergencies and to have three months living expenses in savings.  To help reach these goals, the class decided to hold a group yard sale.  This last Saturday about half of the class participants had booths set up in the parking lot behind our technology building.  It was a huge success with a steady stream of shopper from 5:30 am until they shut it down at 11:00 am.  Myra, who shared her journal in an earlier blog, participated in the yard sale.  She said that she lives in the country and when they do a yard sale, she may have 10 people show up.  While I was talking to her Saturday morning, there were probably 10 people in her booth at one time.
Collectively over $5,600 was sold at the yard sale.  And even more important, everyone who participated had a good time doing this together.

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