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Advent Series for 2022


Advent began yesterday, Sunday, November 27. To prepare you and your family, ACST is providing a special Advent series. Enjoy!

The theme for this year’s series is Peace. Each day during Advent, we have prayers and devotions, special activities like music, acts of kindness, and other fun things for the entire family to help prepare you for Christmas.

We hope you’ll follow along and participate in all the Advent activities. Here are just a few activities we share each week:

Advent Wreath

We encourage you and your family to light the Advent wreath each week and say the special prayer we provide. You can create a simple wreath with three purple candles, one pink candle, and some greenery, or use a pre-made wreath. Make your Advent wreath the centerpiece of your table and a part of your meal discussion each Sunday.

Advent Music

Open your favorite music app and search for “Advent playlist” to celebrate the season and prepare for Christmas. Or look at our recommended Advent playlist provided each Monday. 

Family Activity

Each Wednesday, we provide an activity for your whole family. Something to make you slow down and appreciate the Season. From prayerful activities and watching a favorite holiday movie to creating a greeting for distant relatives and friends.

Reading Prep

What better way to prepare yourself during Advent than to review the Sunday readings early? Sit quietly and reflect on the Readings and Gospel for Sunday. What is the message you’re receiving?

Be sure to check back each day through December 24 so you don’t miss any of our fun, interactive Advent series.  And we encourage you to share this series with others.

For more information or to view the Advent calendar, please visit us at

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