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Appreciation For Your Pastor

February is the month of love traditionally on the calendar worldwide. But for the church, October is significant in showing love to pastors through the observance of Pastor Appreciation Month.

The pastor’s life can be very stress-filled, as a “good” pastor in the eyes of God is constantly pouring himself into the lives of others.   Unfortunately, many churches choose not to participate in this annual observance.

Whatever they’re thinking, it comes down as opportunity lost to fill their pastor’s “tank.” For most pastors, the sacrifice that is made to serve in ministry is not expected to be returned at the same level. However, the recognition for hard work is always appreciated, no matter the field of work.

There are a bountiful number of churches that do, thankfully, celebrate the work of their pastor in several different ways.

Here are some of the benefits to the pastor who is blessed by a church who participates in “Pastor Appreciation Month.”

1) Serves as an up-front reminder that the pastor’s work is making a difference in the lives of the congregation and community.
2) Depending on type of gift, it could allow the pastor to get away on a vacation with their family.
3) Means a lot to a pastor’s wife when her husband is loved by the church.
4) Fills the pastor’s emotional tank to keep going and to strive to achieve even higher ministry goals.
5) Reminds the pastor of God’s love to all people and to pass on to others what has been shown to him.

So, no matter how large or small the gesture, make sure to thank your pastor this month!

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