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Are You Allergic to Anything?

There are different stages in life. There are those officially defined by events – graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc.  Then, there are those defined more by broader things that you are involved with. Right now, I call this my “casserole stage”. I’ve passed the stage where the weekends are full of weddings and wedding showers, and now many of my friends are having children.
A lot are on #2 or #3. I think of this as my casserole stage because most weeks I am making a casserole to deliver to a busy new mom. It’s one of the best gifts out there!  (As much as I love proper etiquette, I also include a note requesting no thank you note – if you had time to write me a thank you note I wouldn’t be bringing you dinner…)
I have a philosophy on these new mom visits that I think relates to our software. As much as us moms (and dads) love our children, those first few months of having a baby are TOUGH. Sure, they are sweet and cuddly, but you aren’t sleeping and your world is turned upside down.  You love them so much, but you are also exhausted. If I take someone dinner and they tell me how in love they are with their baby but how hard it is, I know we will be good mommy friends.
We are going to be able to share and go through the mommy experience realistically and honestly together. If I am told how utterly perfect the child and experience is, then I know it’s just going to fizzle out as a close friendship because we aren’t being honest here…
That is how I feel about our products at ACS Technologies. I am truly proud of all of the offerings we are able to offer and serve the variety of ministries out there.  I truly believe in what we do.  There is a variety in what we offer, and it’s pretty extensive.  The individual products themselves are feature rich with functionality.  Are they all perfect, though? No. Are there things we can and want to do to make them better? Absolutely!
That’s the great thing – we are constantly striving to make them better and improve them.  We try to tell you honestly if something isn’t going to fulfill your need and yet want to figure out a solution for you. We count on you, our clients, to let us know what you want to shape the solutions and their future. We have an enhancement database where you can enter your enhancement requests as well as comment and vote on those entered by your peers. I encourage you to be an active user because these are key in the decisions made for the product future.
Just like the casserole friendships, be honest and share with us, and we’ll do our best for you! (and while we are on the comparisons, I’m excited about the newest addition to the ACS Technologies family – The City!)

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