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Community Connections Through ChMS

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Since its founding in 1855, First Presbyterian Church of Waco in Waco, Texas, has been focused on being a presence in the community through outreach and community development. While they have a strong outward focus, the congregation has spent 163 looking for meaningful ways to make connections with each other, too. That’s why they’ve turned to Realm®.

First Presbyterian Church of Waco switched from using The City to Realm because of the abilities Realm offers members of the congregation to share and connect in ways The City couldn’t.

Rev. Dr. Leslie King, head of staff, says, “A lot of our questions are related to what is similar between The City and Realm. What we’re learning is that all the essentials of The City are there, but everything is much sexier in Realm and much smoother and more intuitive.”

Throughout their transition, First Presbyterian Church of Waco has taken advantage of the support opportunities ACS Technologies, including bringing in an Implementation Specialist to help them learn how to their congregation can get the most out of Realm.

Rev. Dr. Leslie King, head of staff, says “I’ve got a lot of hope about Realm and how it will function as a backbone for us organizationally. I think people will have an experience on Realm, whereas on The City, they got information. And we think that’s the difference.”

Check out this video on their transition from The City to Realm!

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